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I keep having this problem with Virtualdub while trying to open video files saying that it couldn’t locate a decompressor for XVID.

I’ve installed FFDShow, CCCP, etc. Nothing has worked. Any tips?

This is what I mean.

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if you’re 64-bit windows, are you using the 64-bit or 32-bit version of virtualdub?
if you’re on 32-bit windows with 32-bit virtualdub, you should probably use koepi’s xvid build (best-known and very stable)
if you want to use ffdshow-tryouts, during installation, you have to check the boxes for vfw and the virtualdub plugin. (by default ffdshow only installs directshow codecs (hence the name) - if you check the box vfw, you get video for windows codecs too (which is what virtualdub needs))
then when you’re done, go to start, programs, ffdshow, vfw configuration. under the decoder tab, the line for xvid should be set to either xvid or libavcodec.

the steps above also work for 32-bit virtualdub on 64-bit windows.

if you’re using 64-bit virtualdub with 64-bit windows, try celtic druid’s 64-bit xvid builds
as an alternative, you can get the 64-bit build for ffdshow-tryouts (still experimental)
and follow the same instructions as above

and obviously you can’t run 64-bit virtualdub on 32-bit windows (just covering the last combination) reply


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