viewing videos, no codecs currently, only cnn/youtube

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I recently built a new computer, about a month and half old now and I can’t view any videos whether downloaded or online, except for CNN and youtube. I currently have DivX bundle installed, WMP11 with k-lite codec package installed. I had also even had Quicktime, ZoomPlayer, RealPlayer, WMC along with a bunch of other codecs (and packages) installed (such as nimo) but now have been removed since I can’t seem to view anything. Audios work fine, it’s just the video.

I don’t think I need to reformat my harddrive but is there any recommendations as to what’s going on? When I run GSpot (v2.70a) it says I have the appropriate codecs installed but I’m just currently lost as what to do.

My video card is an ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT (if it matters) and it has the most updated version, if it helps anything. reply

You may have overwritten co/decs or caused problems with them by installing one or more versions of a single co/dec.

Try installing the latest version of K-lite’s mega codec pack.

Have most of the codecs installed try gabest instead of haali.

Also, make sure you also install media player classic and Quicktime/real alternative(s).

For backup purposes, install VLC player.

Then, once done restart the machine and try to play the files.

They should work.

I have only the one co/dec pack and two alternatives installed and have yet to receive a problem.

Also, you may need to install or update you java/flash versions. Just to be completely updated.

Post if this helps or doesn’t. Lets get this up and running as perfectly as possible. reply



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