Unable to play .avi files on dvd player

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I just burnt a complete season of a tv show on a dvd-r only to have (no support) appear when trying to play it on my dvd player. However the player supports divx, so i can’t see why it’s messing with me. Any idea’s? I burnt the cd using poweriso.
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Well when you encode in DivX (or any other codec for that matter) there’s a zillion choices: bitrate, frame rate, resolution, etc... Playback on a computer’s not a problem because they use a software codec with a general-purpose processor, so they should be able to handle just about any combination of settings. Not so with hardware devices (standalone DVD players, portable ones, etc.) That’s why they have DivX certification levels, based on levels and profiles. These specifications state what settings the hardware player can or cannot handle. If you use the DivX 5 or 6 codec to encode, there should be an advanced button that lets you pick the certification profile (I don’t remember them all - one is like “home theater” another is like “portable” etc.) It’s also handy to look in the user manual to see what your standalone player can handle.
Also check your user manual to see if the player can handle various flavors of MPEG-4 (DivX, Xvid, MP4, others) before feeding it one such file. Also a diagnostic utility like [mediainfo] can give you information about the file you download (container, video codec fourcc, audio codec tag number, bitrate, resolution, etc.) reply


also try with a different brand of DVD+R media. or check your DVD player can handle + media (as opposed to DVD-R media) reply


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