Try this when your Avi file doesn't Play on DVD player..

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Hi Everyone..
I have taken notice that some Avi files will play on my new DVD player and some won’t. So I found out that some Avi files are coded differently than others.. Then I found a free download program called: Mpeg4modifier. It’s very easy to use. Just load or drop your Avi movie file in it, a few seconds later it will give you a yes or no option to pack the Bit Stream of the Avi movie. Put a check in the box for 'yes'.. Then hit' save. You have now changed the bit stream to a Xvid Avi file, that will play 98% of the time on newer dvd players.. :)

Most newer DVD players will play a coded Xvid Avi movie but won’t play a Dvix Avi file. But our computers will play both. I download my Avi files from a torrent site called Pirate Bay.. Remember to download only from members who have the green an pink crossbone scull by their screen names. These are the trusted up loaders.. If you put in their search the words 'Avi, Xvid all these type movies show up. Their small files so they down pretty fast, but always make sure they have plenty Seeders.. I use Vuse download program for downloading all my movies.. I never convert any movies to DVD format. I been down loading Avi movies for at least 10 years now. I have thousands of movies burned to dvd..and thousands saved on my 3tb external drive. I use Image burn for all my burning. I also load movies on my thumb drive and play them on my dvd player. I hope this message helps you guys. It takes years to learn this stuff, and I’m still learning. reply

I really don’t like some player combined with some codec or plugins, which makes me feel so complicated and inconvenient. The player I’m using now really doing me great favor by dealing with almost all kinds of media formats,simple and easy. reply

Great recommendation, I will try later. Is this the process called “re-wrap”? But this program only works for MPEG-4 ASP video (XviD, DivX), what about my other video clips, like MOV, MKV? Could you recommend other tools? reply


The Mpeg4modifier only works for Xvid AVI files. A lot of them that are downloaded from the Internet are not bitstream packed. The Mpeg4modifier will pack the bitstream. reply


this program is excellent i have tried so many to get avi to work and this is the easier and most reliable thank you reply


I use iDealshare VideoGo to convert AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV, WTV, MXF, etc to play on DVD Player reply


If your DVD player won’t play AVI, you may use iDealshare VideoGo to convert AVI or any videos to DVD player supported video format reply


Avdshare Video Converter is highly recommended to convert any video files to DVD Player supported video format reply


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