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I’ve been looking forever but I still can’t fix my problem. Ive installed all the patches and TM20 but it still is a black screen when the fmvs are supposed to be playing. I can get as far as New Game/Continue. Ive save my fmv files to the HD, did all the patchs, did TM20. Does anybody know if this is a player problem,cd problem or something else. I can watch my files off the cd but they won’t play in the game.
I do have an nVidia Geforce 5200 but when i do the nvidia patch it just crashes the game. reply


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this is where my ditective search on the case of the missing codec took, go there asap!!!

FF7 not just a game but a dream to experience. reply


_Duc_ wrote:
Thanks a lot ! Now it works !

I had got a crash after the great glacier, when Cloud reach the top of the cliff. Moreover, I wasn’t able to view the video of the game using Windows Media Player or any other player.

This is what I’ve done :

- TM20DEC.AX was already in my System32 directory (I think it has been installed with a codec the package like ACE_Mega_CoDecS_Pack). I renamed it to ____TM20DEC.AX

- I put the new TM20DEC.AX (given by 'GreatFire' at the beginning of the thread) in my System32 directory

- I restarted my computer

- I run FF7 and now the game don’t crash anymore !


wut if i replaced the old with the new one??? wut do i do? do i still rename the old " "

grr i need help!!! i downloaded tm20 and put it in the windows, run it, restart it and it still dont work..
next i tried download ACE mega pack thing and i restart it still dont work.. DUCK.COM needa put up their tm20 agains.. wut else is there to do? reply

Feedback reply


Does that seriously mean that with VLC or MPlayer one can view all FFVII TM20 videos ??? I say that because both VLC and MPlayer use ffmpeg as far as I know... reply


EDIT : I have tried a TM20 video with both VLC 0.8.5 and mplayer for Windows.

VLC doesn’t work. :(



YES !!! YES !!! YES !!!

mplayer for Windows CAN PLAY TM20 VIDEOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the steps :

1°) Download mplayer here :
(alternate link : )

2°) Simply drag and drop the video on mplayer’s icon : mplayer doesn’t yet have a graphical interface, so this is the easiest way to play videos.

Well, I guess that solves the whole problem folks ! Thanks to Leandro for the useful information, and have fun !!!!!!!!! reply


hey this is the first time i played ff its great so far but the videos look like poo in the game, Is there a codec/way to make it look as clean as it does in windows media player? reply


Unistall klm codec pack or any codec pack, and you’ll be able to play it.... HAVE FUN!!!

(perhaps it’s a little late) reply


does anyone already have the truemotion 20 codec??? i also need it badly...tsk3x reply



I have tried exactely this
for the TM20 codec.

1. Put it in your c:\windows\system32 folder
2. Do Start->Run->regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\
3. Reboot (may or may not be necessary)

If you want to uninstall, do:
1. Start->Run->regsvr32 /u c:\windows\system32\
2. Then move or delete the file out of the c:\windows\system32 folder

(I have uninstall my older before with regsvr32 /u..) and replace it by the one on that dont work again but mpc work together...I will try other patch of ff7 for view if it can work better (I am on windows 2000 with ati card that suck a lot for ff7)

sorry for my bad english

I come back... reply


Here, i’ve found it: reply


Ok, I’ve been trying to make this work for a REAL long time now.. I had the problem that I can press new game then the game crashes, but it didn’t stop there.. When I tried to enter the Movies folder my computer crashed. My computer crashed as soon as I had any contact with the movie files.. I did everything with the codec but still it crashed. All my FF7 movie files was .avi files(don’t know if thats allways the case) but now I’ve changed them(one at a time just before the computer crashed) to .tm20 files and my computer doesn’t crash anymore :) reply


I did everything above to fix greatpit.avi and biglight.avi but all i get is a black screen, and im forced to alt+F4. please help. reply


yo!help me..i can’t play my started with black screen and it freezes..i’m using XP.. reply


Ok. I have the TM20 Codec installed, according to GSPOT. I’ve disabled the TrueMotion 1,2 codec in ffdshow.

Before patching Final Fantasy 7 to 1.02, the movies worked fine and I got the intro when I started the game. (I’m a bit confused about the game versions, as I’m hearing of people getting the blue Eidos intro, whereas I’ve only ever gotten the Squaresoft intro with the “Squaresoft” entering the screen from the right and chocobos running around. Can someone explain the differences?) Regardless, after updating to 1.02, None of the movies will play, although the game doesn’t crash when playing them, it just hangs. I can hit a button when first starting the game to go to the New Game/Continue screen, but this doesn’t work for any other FMV.

I’m running WinXP SP3
Celeron 3.2 GHz
Video card is Nvidia 8800 GT, most recent drivers. reply


Okay before I state my problem... I want to just throw something out there... So the movies on the game are in AVI format? But I can play AVI just fine... I have tons of shows and movies that are all avi format and they all play fine... I have Windows 7 Ultimate and I can only play the movies in the VLC player... Windows Media player doesn’t work for it.

I am having the same problem as everyone else... It does NOT show the eidos logo... Infact I didn’t even know it was supposed to until I read these. It just stays black until I hit a button... Then it does the new/continue thing... Then the eternal blackness thing... That site mentioned above qhuimm or w/e is down... I think they are having a server problems... So that’s out of the question. reply


So I was just having the same video problem... And I found a solution for those using Windows 7 Ultimate... There is a codec pack that will make the videos show... I haven’t gotten sound on them yet... But it works for the other ones... The sound can be switched up though so that doesn’t matter too much... But for the video codecs for windows 7... go to this site reply


Sorry for the extra post... But I found the sound works if you right click the game and hit
“Run as administrator” Then it all works wonderfully! (With the above mentioned codec pack that is) reply


thanks man reply


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