The elusive XviD Protocol

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Greetings fellow video aficionado’s I am just about to hit something. I am kinda new at this, networking is my gig, so I hope someone will be so kind as to give the information I seek.

OK, XviD Files; I need the step by step procedure in order to take the video file(s) that I have in the Xvi
D format and convert them to a recorrdable file that I can burn to DVD and the DVD will play on any DVD Player out there.

OK, first I deleted my XviD Codec from my system. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium. I downloaded a fresh XviD Codec from this website so it is in place under Programs X86. Now when I open this codec file, I see several Icons to choose from. I don’t see a setup file so I am assuming it’s ready to use. The only icons that I see that should be useful, aside from the icons for updates and uninstall are:

AVIC which is Nic’s mini AVIC 4 4cc changer;
MiniCalc which is Nic’s mini calculator;
MiniConvert which is a XviD mini converter I think;
OGMCalc v0.2(c)2003 by Koepi;
a Stat Reader;
a Vidccleaner MFC Application;
a XviD_encraw which is a command prompt that opens quickly and closes even faster;
and a Zip File labeled XviD Quant_Matrix

Now can someone just tell me what to do first? The XviD files that I have all open with the same backdrop which reads;
“you may need the XviD Codec to play this file”
It has the large XviD Codec display in the background.
Now, I have downloaded several converters that were suppose to have the ability to convert this file to a recordable Mkv, MP4, etc. video file. And they indeed do just that. However the converted file is nothing but the same display that I described above! It’s driving me crazy! I tried Wondershare, Aimersoft DVD, Freemaker and serveral others but they all do the same thing.
So it seems to me that I am missing a step. Do you not have to “decrypt the XviD file utilizing the XviD Codec described above in some order in order to then have a file that can be converted? it’s the only rational answer that I can produce. Are these files corrupt already? You see my point.
I would really appreciate anyone that could clarify this for me so that I can proceed. I hope any information received will help other beginners to skip the frustration step that I have been on.

Hope to hear from someone as soon as you can.

Thank you in advance


p.s. If anyone needs screen shots I will be happy to send those


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