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Hi. Recently captured some old footage from VHS and transferred it into an .avi file. I’ve got this to run ok on my Windows 7 machine but would like to find the above codec for my MAC. Anyone?

Cheers reply

I think your only chance is via MPlayer OS X
or MPlayer OS X extended
You’ll also need the binary codecs package
(about 1/3 of the way down the page - download the one for your platform)

I don’t know what’s included, because I can’t open the pax file (I’m on a Windows PC).
I looked at the Windows binary package and it doesn’t seem to have SP44 in it.
If that’s also the case for the Mac binary package, do the following using your Windows machine. Get this file http://www.adstech.com/products/USBInstantVideo/downloads/drivers/USBAV170.exe
Run it and install (you’ll get WHQL warnings don’t worry about it). Then search in your windows\system32 folder (I’m assuming you’re on a 32-bit version of Windows 7) for files named sp40_32.dll and sp4x_32.dll (I’m not 100% sure sp40_32.dll is needed, but grab it just in case - it was included, and maybe it’s relied upon to decode sp44). Make a copy of both of those files someplace. You can uninstall the driver now. Then copy the two files to the mac, into the folder where the mplayer codec files are (documentation suggests it’s either /usr/lib/codecs or /usr/local/lib/win32 or /usr/lib/win32 - but if you can’t find it, search your hard drive for ir50_32.dll (that’s one of the codecs in the folder) and it should tell you the location). then you’ll have to do one more change: alter the file that tells what fourcc’s are assigned to which decoder files. From documentation, it seems to be named codecs.conf and it’s in the /etc folder (if you can’t find it, just do a search). you’ll likely need to add the following lines

videocodec sunplus44
info “SunPlus SP44”
status working
fourcc SP44,sp44
driver vfw
dll “sp4x_32.dll”
out BGR32,BGR24,BGR16,BGR15

videocodec sunplus40
info “SunPlus SP40”
status working
fourcc SP40,sp40
driver vfw
dll “sp40_32.dll”
out BGR32,BGR24,BGR16,BGR15

I’ll tell you up front I’m not 100% sure on this, because I’m just following the syntax from
sunplus40, sunplus44, “SunPlus SP40”, and “SunPlus SP44” are just arbitrary. You can name them whatever you want, but they have to be unique.
Also I have NO idea what the outputted color space is. I just put the most obvious RGB32, 24, 16, and 15. But if it crashes, set it to 24 only, then try the other ones in turn.

If you have difficulties, get back to the thread reply


sp44 is already in codecs.conf under videocodec sp4x
fourcc SP40,SP41,SP42,SP43,SP44,SP45
you can grab the required dll from:

note this will only work on intel-mac, linux and windows. ppc-mac does not work with binary codecs. reply


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