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Looking for the SEDG codec to play movies from a Sumcung SC-X105L camera. Help please. . . reply and here is a forum about your nice camera: reply


These are good sites. I failed to mention I’m using a MAC and still haven’t found a codec so I can view and edit my footage. Everything seems to be windows based. reply


the sc-105l samsung camera is a small and great video camera but its a worthless peice of plastic if you own a Macintosh. i have tryed everything to get is to play back on the Mac but nothing works. i am returning it tomorow. its a shame that samsung would design a video camera that dont work on Mac. what a waste reply


Help needed
I have the mentionned digital camera, i’m able to read the videos using whatever software (vlc, wmp...) but i can’t figure out which software to use in order to edit these movies! I tried virtual dub, no way. So please if someone knows how to edit these movies let me know!!! reply


Hi there, i also have a Samsung VP-X110L and got the same problems with Mac OSX. If you change the FourCC codec information in the AVI header from SEDG to DIVX, the files will work on OSX without any problem. You can use hexedit for this or you can use my little tool to do this.
Windows version:
OSX version:
Enjoy your Samsung movies on OSX... reply


Hi !

I am a Mac user myself and obviosly had the same problems as you guys with my VP-X105L. I know that the video quality of this gem is not to great but there is nothing else out there that beats the form factor and the second lens which I use on my motorcycle once in a while.

Coming back to the codec. I found info somewhere on the internet that the file format is actually Mac compatible if you have an (1) avi codec (which can be purchased) AND (2) some code is changed in the movie file itself.

If you tackle a movie file with any Hex Editor you’ll see two entries with SEDG. Just change them to DIVX and you can watch your video on your Mac. I found that pretty uncool and hacked a little app -with some help- that patches the video file. It is a faceless drag-n-drop app. This used to work great for me.

Now I went a step further and combined the script with the great FFMPEG project code (

Now I have a pretty cool app that does everything I need, as far as the camera is concerned, of course :)

Here is what it does:
After copying the video files from the camera to your Mac.
(Remember the Samsung files end with .avi)

1. Drag one or more files (yes, batch processing) to my app icon.
2. SEDG /DIVX problem is fixed.
3. New movie files are created with the ending _DIVX.avi
These files run in Quicktime if you have the avi codec.
The conversion takes only a split second.

Now comes the kicker

4. MPEG4 files are created. (thanks to FFMPEG) These files have the ending .mp4
These files run without trouble (and codec) on any Mac with Quicktime and can easily be imported into FCPro or iMovie.
Image quality is virtually the same, I can’t see any difference to the avi files, but the files a so much smaller. Example: 12MB avi clip translates into 4.3MB MP4, 58MB avi = 20MB MP4 !!!
File conversion takes a while, depending on your Mac. It does take a minute or two on my G5 to convert a 60 MB avi to MP4.

The original clips are untouched by the way.

I am so happy with this set-up which turns the Miniket into a useful Mac product.

Happy to answer any questions.


Sorry for the long post reply



It was recommended I contact you via this thread. I’m having a similar issue with a MobiDV iJoy mini-camcorder I got recently. I know other mac users were also disappointed to find that the files it creates don’t play on Mac OS X (except with VLC). But this of course means you can’t maniplate them in iMovie etc.

Can you see if you can make sense of the situation in this thread please? Thanks!

ttp:// reply


oh and am i missing the link to your batch processing app here? reply


Hi Lobster,

1. I don’t know the MobiDV camcorder. I don’t know what the file format is and if a file conversion can be made as easy as with the Samsung Miniket. You can email me a short clip and I will have a look if you like.

2. I can’t make my program available on the web because of legal issues. As indicated I am using parts of the FFMPEG code and the generated MP4 files are probably protected by somebody as well. I really don’t want to get a letter from a lawyer or a visit from the copyright police - if you know what I mean.

Take care

Gary reply


Hi GaryT,

isn’t the samsung codec allready mpeg4 in a avi container ? Could you post a video before and after you used your tool on it ? I am really interested in the image quality because the samsung image quality isn’t really the best and if you compress it again you will again loose image information.

Best regards,

Gerrit reply



You are right. Video quality could be better to begin with, but the conversion to MP4 is surprisingly good.

Send a (short) clip to and I return the conversion to you. You can judge for yourself.

Gary reply


Hi all, i want to bring my minikit movies into final cut to play with...
i’ve been reading your threads but im more of a video person that a programmer and don’t know how to get into the files to change the sedg to divx...any help for us regular folks in using these movies on the mac reply


Dear linux users,

I was supposed to make the project for . They wanted gallery with dynamic update of pictures and videos. At 1 am they have called me that they uploaded pics and videos to the server. I m using ffmpeg library to make thumbnails out of the movies, unfortunately i relized that all movies are encoded using SEDG video coded [Of course no thumbnails and 1 am in the morning and gallery has to be up and running in the morning]. So after reading few posts over here and somewhere else i have decided to make one small test. The avi files are encoded with SEDG but what will happen if we will change SEDG in the header of the avi file to DIVX ??? Check on the it is working. So i wrote a simple php script to change all headers and problem is solved, as simple as that i just dont understand samsung to make their format strange ....

here is the code of the script and i hope it will be useful for someone.



ok its not accepted here so here is the link: reply


Dear Sir/Madam

I need SEDG Codec, because i having a problem to open my video files and the message comes first install the forucc sedg codec pls help me to find out the problem



Riaz reply


Well this week i ll find a moment and write the small converter SEDG to DIVX because SEDG format is just the metter of the header in the file.

kindest regards
Maciej Perlinski reply


Dear Maciej, is there any chance of me having a copy of the converter when its done
Kind regards reply


My cute little Miniket (Samsung) was driving me nuts. I found this message thread by luck and saw that in message #6, hansolo posted this:

OSX version:

Lo and behold it works! Wow! Thanks! reply


I have an SC - X105L and have no problem viewing the video on my sony vaio... I cannot, however, edit these files using Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas. Does anyone have any insight? Might there be a way to edit my clips using one of these PC editing programs? reply


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