RGB Color Source & MPEG-2 Codec Issue

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Hi there,

I have a really annoying problem that the post house I’m working with can’t seem to figure out. Hopefully someone here can help me...

My online editor delivered my project as an uncompressed Quicktime file in an RGB colour space 0-255. When the post house compresses the file using the MPEG-2 codec in Cinema Craft for DVD duplication the image comes out extremely crushed on HDTVs and on computer screens. Dark blacks just completely lose all their detail and become just a mushy wash of black. They tried this twice, at first with the option 16-235 (as they didn’t know it was an RGB colour source) and then a second time using 0-255. Both times had the same result.

When I import the file into Final Cut and change the colour space settings from YUV to RGB it appears fine. And when I export a Quicktime file of this test it looks great in Quicktime player on my computer. However, as soon as I go to convert the file using the MPEG-2 codec the same thing happens and it gets crushed.

Anybody have any experience with this? Please help! Thanks! reply

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