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I am having a problem recording video in VirtualDub and i was hoping someone might be able to help me. I have previously followed tutorials on setting it up to record video, and still havn’t gotten it to work. Here is some basic info on my problem:

I am recording with a Dazzle Video Creater 170 (DVC 170 platinum)

I am doing this on a Windows Vista Basic, Laptop.

I have already downloaded a required codec from Pinnacle Systems for Vista.

While Following tutorials, one of the first steps it says to do is to go to File, Capture AVI. And later after I’m done following tutorials, it still doesn’t work, so i went to Capture, Capture Video, and a messege comes up that says “The current video capture format is not compatible with AVI files”, so i went to Capture, Test Capture Video, and the same messege comes up.

I would appreciate any help on this. Thanks reply

“Dazzle 90 and below -- Can capture with what ever.
Dazzle 100 and up -- Can’t capture with anything except Pinnacle Studio."

I don’t know about the accuracy of that statement, but if you’re in doubt, you can always ask the people at pinnacle, either through their forum, via e-mail, or through their live chat (requires registration). (Pinnacle Studio should be bundled with your card.)

If you have a couple of spare minutes, you can try this (I doubt it will work especially if the above quote is accurate).
When you’re in capture mode in VirtualDub, click device. Sometimes you’ll have multiple choices for the same device (for instance my webcam has both VfW (Video for Windows) and DirectShow. Try switching.
If your PC has enough CPU horsepower, click video, preview to see if you can see anything. (You might want to select no display when doing actual capture, to save CPU cycles and reserve them for capture and encoding).
Click video source. You could be selecting another device (other than the Dazzle). Adjust any image settings quality settings if they’re available.
Click video, format (often a big source of headaches - and my first suspect to try in your case). You may have to look in your manual to see what pixel formats (for example I have YUY2, RGB (various), I420, YVU9, UYVY) and resolutions your card supports. You can also do trial and error. If those don’t work out, and you know your pixel format, you can go to video, set custom format and set it by hand.
You can also try and see what all the buttons under video, capture pin, preview pin, capture filter, crossbar, and tuner do. (I only have a webcam, not a capture card, so mine are grayed out).
Finally this is more of a tip than a troubleshooting step. Go to video, compression, and select a codec to encode to. It’s good to set that because the default is uncompressed, and makes HUMONGOUS files. Now keep in mind that the pixel format you choose (under video, format) restricts what codecs you can encode into. (RGB24 is probably the one with the widest selection of choices.) Also, some codecs (for example DivX or Xvid) are very processor-intensive, and don’t make good capture codecs, but are better suited for last-step encoding. The best choice is usually a lossless codec like huffyuv. If you have the option, you could also pick MJPG (you may have to adjust high quality settings for optimal quality). reply


yea the type of dazzle your using has alot to do with it, buty thats not tru its anything over dazzle 100 wont work, i have a dazzle 100 its getting the video but not audio reply


I’m trying to record video with a usb2 capture gadget called “WinTV-HVR-950Q”

it’s awesome for watching digital tv, and i can see the video preview perfectly, but the capturing gives me the same error message you guys got;
“the current video capture format is not compatible with avi files”.

The software im using is “VirtualDub 1.9.8”.

Any ideas? Here is a page I found with more capture software, but it all does pretty much what VirtualDub does:

And here is an article I’m writing, if anyone wishes to add their advice:

royce barber reply



>> #4
This might be because of the output format of the card. It may not be compatible with the capture program(s).

It’s probably best to record with whatever was bundled with the card. Didn’t your card come with any software? If not, download them from here
also be sure to grab the latest version of the drivers.
The windows media center tab has software your can download to record with wmc.

P.S: I’ve seen a few negative views of the particular card

and for capturing help, this is probably an excellent article: reply


I want to record my voice and the game sound at the same time in virtual dub but it only lets you record one or the other not both.

Help Please reply


goku reply



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