quicktime for windows can't play .avi file properly!

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i’m running quicktime player version 6.5.2 in windows 98.recently i downloaded a .avi file which is about 24MB,and under movie properties its video format is DX50.i downloaded the latest version of divx (5.2.1), AC3 filter version 0.70,3ivx D4 4.5.1 and ffdshow 20040520. the file plays normally,but there’s no audio.also,when paused and using the keyboard directional keys to manually seek the video,while it’s being slowly rewinded,the frames sort of 'move here and there'.it’s like press the back(left) key once,the previous frame looks normal,press another time,the frame looks distorted,press again and it looks normal again...the cycle repeats itself.anyone know how to rectify these problems? reply

Just to clarify: DX50 is the fourcc for DivX 5. DivX 5 doesn’t have a plugin for QuickTime (for Windows). The only decoding it will do is in Video-for-Windows or DirectShow applications such as Windows Media Player. What’s decoding the file in QuickTime is actually 3ivx. 3ivx is very versatile in that it can decode divx 3, 4, 5, xvid, and 3ivx in both quicktime and wmp. I think the best solution would be to play the file with Windows Media Player. If you have version 7.1 or 9 and don’t like it, you can use version 6.4 (just search for mplayer2.exe on your hard disk). The audio should play just fine, and unless the file is truncated or otherwise corrupt, the video should play without any difficulties. (PS: if your file is truncated, try playing it with media player classic - follow the links from http://www.gabest.org)
If for some reason you are still DYING to play the file in QuickTime Player, just get back to us and we’ll figure something out. reply


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