Problems with videos (audio and no visuals, or screwed up visuals and no audio)

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Hi everyone - first off I’m sorry if this is in the wrong section but I’m a bit clueless here.

I record screen captures and post them for analysis at my home forum, but for some reason the people who watch them say they’ve had multiple problems.

Originally we used to have problems with wmp (which I assume is because of lack of codecs?), so I started telling the 'watchers' to use vlc media player and everything was working well for a while.

Now I find that some of my videos work in vlc, but now wmp, or the other way around. Specifically, either the audio will just not work (silence), or the actual video will show inversed colours, often times freezing on the first frame of the vid.

Anyways I was wondering if there was a codec pack with the newest/best codecs that will ensure that these camtasia-recorded vids will actually work.

Thanks in advance for any help! reply

Are you doing any recompression after you’ve produced the video? If not, send them to this page
PC Users can download the TechSmith Screen Capture Codec - less than 200 KB (this will work for Windows Media Player on PC’s). Users of QuickTime Player (Mac or PC) can use EnSharpen - they have to pick the right platform for the download though.

If you recompress the video using a different codec, you’ll simply have to direct the people to where to download it. I don’t advise getting a codec pack if all you need is one codec. If you’re not sure what video codec the final file you produced is, feed it into gspot or avicodec
(the video codec is usually indicated by the fourcc (four character code)).

As for the audio codec, find out just like in the previous paragraph what audio codec the file uses (usually indicated by tag number). reply


Thanks for the help! I don’t use any post-production compression, so the techsmith codecs should work fine. reply


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