Problems watching XviD movies on my TV

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I just formated my computer, and before I did this I was able to watch all movies on my tv (I’ve got a connection between my video-card and my tv). The problem before was that I had a codec-pack installed, which interferred when I tryed to watch streamed media from the internet.
Because of that I decided that I should only use ffdshow and ac3 codecs after I formated the computer.. However now I can’t see the movies correctly.

When I play any movie, it’s shown correctly on the monitor. When the film is in mpg format it’s shown correctly on the tv, but if it’s an avi (Xvid) I get interlaced “lines” on the bottom part of the tv..

I’ve tryed to watch the movies in windows mediaplayer 10, media player classic, powerdvd and VLC - but with the same result.
(My videocard is a GeForce 4200 Ti)

Does anyone know what to do to correct this?

Many thanks,

/Soder reply

Bumping up this thread since I havent got any answers and still have the same problem =( reply


1) Make sure you have THE latest drivers for your video (or at the very least, the same drivers you had before you reformatted your harddrive).

2) Make sure you have patched your OS completely with the latest DirectX, .NET framework, Media player, and any other video/audio fixes.

Doesn’t sound like a codec issue with XviD, but more of a driver issue with your video card. reply


Thanks for the answer Chipu.

I downloaded the latest drivers from nvidia directly when I re-installed my computer - so that shouldnt be the problem..

I also have the latest direct X components and rather new versions of ffdshow and ac3.

I dont think it feels like a codec issue either since I get the same problems with VLC-player.. that player has built in codecs which shouldnt demand that you install codecs on your computer..

The next question is if there’s hardwareproblems.. but since mpg-movies shows correctly on the tv that shouldnt be the case either - right?

I just downloaded tvtools also.. perhaps there’s some settings there that can help - what do you think?


/Soder reply


i am having the same problems after a reformat reply


not an issue with the vid drivers. Those are interlace lines. The problems you had with the codec packs is a typical one.The filtersneeded would be the proper xvid codec with the deint turned on. FFDSHOW is OK, but just OK. To keep it simple dl the Alparysoft filters, the video cleaner, This filter allowsyou to turn on and off deinterlacing and denoising etc. Try that out, turn on the deinterlace, see if that helps. Ifso then you will need to go and reconfigure the codecs you are using, or recode the vid files properly. If the same thing were happeningwith the mpeg files then you might say it was a vid driver issue. That could be dealt with thru the registry, simply edit the vid section and turn on the deint, ie; bobweave=1, vmr=1, dxva=1, {dependant on your particular vid card} etc. reply


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