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Hey all;
I’ve got a problem with a certain AVI (?) file that I can’t play.
- When i try to do so with Windows Media player 10, it says: “Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.".
- When i try to play with VLC, no sound and no video comes out, the thing just keeps on moving on. Also, when i click “open file' and browse to the file in question, it says the file is an avi file.
- When i run it through G-spot, it says that it is 'not a valid AVI file', and has 'n.a' for most of the boxes.
- When i tried with Camtasia player (which isn’t a very good avi player in the first place) it says that “Unable to read .... 80044066. The file couldn’t be read, indicating a corrupt file or an unrecognized format.
- If this is relevant, I was downloading a bt file with the entire OC season 1, and now have d/led about 1G. This file is the first one (The Pilot). I really doubt that it is corrupted.
So yeah, I would really appreciate some help.
-- wayfarer reply

"When i try to play with VLC, no sound and no video comes out, the thing just keeps on moving on. Also, when i click “open file' and browse to the file in question, it says the file is an avi file."
What indicated to you that it was an avi file?
If you’re 100% certain it’s an avi, some other tools you might attempt to feed the file into might be virtualdub, avicodec, avipreview, and media player classic.
In VirtualDub click on file, open video file, and before you choose your video file check the box “ask for extended options after this dialog”. then pick your video file. Check the boxes “re-derive keyframe flags” and “open in avifile compatibility mode”. If the file is particularly large VirtualDub may take time scanning through it.

To be 100% certain the file is an avi, use a program like mastersplitter or hjsplit to split it into 1 KB segments (just click stop right after you click start - you don’t need to process the whole file!) Then open the .001 file in wordpad or notepad. It should say RIFF AVI.


Hi there,

I have exactly the same problem, I took the advise of using virtualdub, but it doesn’t work. Infact virtualdub does not recognise the file as an AVI file. I get an error msg straight away!! I also used bt to download my movie file. Would it have anything to do with that?...maybe not, but thought i’d mention it:)

If anyone has any other soloutions please let us know.

Neo reply


(to neotheone)
You should feed the file into some of the diagnostic tools on this page.
The file could be in a different container than avi (mpeg-1/2, ogm, mkv, quicktime, etc), but have been renamed (very annoying practice on file sharing networks). reply


Hey everyone having trouble, I found the cure!
what you do is go to and download this video codec and install divx. It should then work beautifully reply


I tried that and it didn’t work. reply


i was wondering, do you keep your files on a large hard drive? reply


hey ... avi file is 3 gb in size...i cant play it ...i tried divx,divFix, virtual dub,g spot codec but tht didnt solve my cannot recognize the file and i cannot play it.pls help ! reply


I find this page that helps you to find the correct codec for your video.
But I think that somebody renamed the video to an avi file, but I got no answer, what should I do?! reply


Hi Y’all........i have this problem.....givez me headaches and stuff....:).......i just downloaded the blair witch movie.....butt!When i’m open it with the media player.....bsplayer.......or even other players like crystal player...sayz just like this:on the bsplayer sayz cant open file...on crystal playa sayz cannot find video stream....and on media player sayz that that the file iz eighter corrupted or it iz an unsoportable format for the media playa!annd i have a lot of AceMegaCodec6.0.3.PRETTY PLZ HELP! reply


So is there a solution for this problem? I really want to know if this can be fixed or not,
since I’ve downloaded 3 part from a 4 parts anim
and from that only the 3rd file doesn’t want to be played! Nothing playes it! WMP sas it’s not a valid avi or not supported codec. I’ve tried virtualdub, virtualdubmod, elecard mpeg player, realOne player, and Zplayer. They all say not suppoted format or codec! (Zplayer sad it might be corrupted too.)
Gspot sad it’s not a valid avi. Now what? Shoud I just think this one is corrupted and get a new torrent file to a diff. location from where I can download it or is there a way to solve this?

I have installed Xvid an Divx codes plus I have mkv, ogm, ogg codes too and everything that was in the latest nimo codec pack. Do I really mis a coedc and if yes then wich one?

Someone PLEASE HELP!!!! reply


Ok, now I’m going nuts! I’ve downloaded another totally different video BUT yes this one is na avi too AND comes from a torrent. This one is % unopenable too!!!!! What’s wrong lately with my downloads?

I use BitComet 0.60 is that the problem????
Is there somekind of codec conflict and if yes how will I solve that or from where should I know that??? reply


I don’t think the BitTorrent clients are the problem.

Sometimes you just get bad torrents or someone who hasn’t quite mastered the upload process, gets it wrong!

Remember, not everyone goes back & posts a useful comment warning you not to download a corrupted or incorrect torrent.

If you’re getting this problem with several files, then you’re either REALLY unlucky, or you have a problem with a missing codec. your media player or otherwise.

If it’s just a one-off, do one of two things:

1. Delete the file & curse the Internet Gods & search for another torrent source.


2. Go back to website and post a comment under the file, see if anyone else replies after having downloaded that exact torrent.

You may find comfort with someone who’s in the same boat, or you may find someone got it working. At least you would’ve warned others that there’s a chance they’re wasting their time by waiting on that download to finish... :-) reply


i think its a problem with bitcomet try updating to 0.63 that may fix it, my bitcomet works fine but my friend had this problem with his i downloaded exactly the same file and mine worked fine so it wasnt a corrupt torrent reply


This is the content of OC Season 1:
01 - The OC - The Pilot.xvid.avi
02 - The OC - The Model Home.xvid.avi
03 - The OC - The Gamble.xvid.avi
04 - The OC - The Debut.xvid.avi
05 - The OC - The Outsider.xvid.avi
06 - The OC - The Girlfriend.xvid.avi
07 - The OC - The Escape.xvid.avi
08 - The OC - The Rescue.xvid.avi
09 - The OC - The Heights.xvid.avi
10 - The OC - The Perfect Couple.xvid.avi
11 - The OC - The Homecoming.xvid.avi
12 - The OC - The Secret.xvid.avi
13 - The OC - The Best Chrismukkah Ever.xvid.avi
14 - The OC - The Countdown.xvid.avi
15 - The OC - The Third Wheel.xvid.avi
16 - The OC - The Links.xvid.avi
17 - The OC - The Rivals.xvid.avi
18 - The OC - The Truth.xvid.avi
As you see all of them are Xvid avi and after rar extraction you get the avi.The size is scary about 1GB but with Bit Comet you may download one at the time if the uploader made one rar for each episode. Anyway to play one file like that be sure Xvid Pack,DivX, Ac3 and All in One are install.If GSpot won’t work or the file is image or is rar. For image file like iso or bin Daemon Tools work ok with, for rar decompress it and see what you get.Good Luck. reply


The problem is that some players are simply lame. I constantly have AVI files (with DivX or XVid content) that won’t play on my PC. *BUT* those same files play perfectly on a modded XBox using XBox Media Center, so I know there’s nothing wrong with the files. reply


I clicked on Microsoft’s Web Help thing and the website gave me a link to this other website website. It contains a divx codec download.

Try it. It worked perfectly for me. reply


Wow! I’ve tried everything here, no fix. This is a pain! PLEASE HELP! i don’t know what else to do, i really need this file, and I can’t get one anywhere else. reply


Just read this, fixed it in a whiff! reply

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all i did to fix it was download that ffdshow alpha on kommopmans post and everything worked :) thanks alot reply


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