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I’m programmer who programs the programs in Korea.

We used compression storage method by using m3jpeg.dll codec while we recorded the CCTV video in analog form by collecting through VDR card, and we are requesting the recorded file through m3jpegv3.dll in Visual C++.

However, that we recorded the original signal through the video server or by choosing the IP cctv by digital signal, ordinary video files such as mpeg or jpeg was left by saving process.

This video file could not be viewed by the monitor using the m3jpegv3 dll.

So, we ask you whether there are any solutions, that

1) whether there is any format to see ordinary videos by using your existing program m3jpegv3 dll

2) and if there aren’t any formats, then whether there are ways to 'conversion' the ordinary video files into the format which is viewable through 'm3jpegv3'.

We must have either one of the situations from above, so we ask you for your opinion, thank you. reply

you can try with ffmpeg -f mjpeg -i yourfile.avi output.mp4

but i dont know if it will work. reply


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