no voices (only music)

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At first nothing worked. Then i used GSpot to find the codec. I downloaded a codec-package and now i see the video and can hear the music, but i can’t hear the actors (well they talk but very much more quieter than music)

I found a posting saying that one should try to use Avic.exe to edit the fourcc-code from XVID to DIVX. Tried to run the movie again, but still no actors talking.

I have tried the following players: VLC, Windows Media Player and DiX 2.6, but they all behave the same way.

This makes me think that the problem lies in the codec. I have installed 4 different XVID-codecs, but still the actors are as loud as an ants fart.

I’m at the end of my knowledge. PLLLEEEEAASE help. reply

Ever thought of the possibility this file hasn’t got the spoken language track at all?

Most DVD’s have multiple language possibility’s which are dubbed onto the normal soundtrack (once selected). This normal soundtrack contains everything but the spoken language itself. The spoken sound you do hear is picked up on as there, ofcourse, are multiple microphones on a set. The microphones that are there to pick up on the original spoken language are recorded upon a different track to be able to leave it out later on in order, for instance, to let the viewer choose another language on the viewers DVD player.

What you can do is try to get this language track (of your choice) and dub it into this movie you’ve already downloaded.

How do do this exactly is not in my field, sorry for that. I do know however it is possible and not very difficult.

Good luck! reply


I’ve got the same problem some days ago. It could also be possible that the sound was convertet in an AC3 audio format. That means that you can see the video but you can’t hear any sounds without the right codec. If I’m right than look at for “ac3filter”. It contains the codec you need. reply


Any sound? He heard sounds, just not the actors talking. reply


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