no sound after burning .avi to DVD

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I have just recently began downloading movies(avi format) from bittorrent and burning them to DVD with Windows DVD Maker. 99% of the time the movies burn to the DVD as they should and work perfectly. However, on rare occasions such as when attempting to burn the movie Unstoppable the video of the movie plays great but there is not any sound. The movie plays great from the hard drive, but once burned to the DVD it has no sound. Any advice would be helpful. Keep in mind all these movies are downloads so I did not rip them myself. reply


Hey pictureman601,

The problem with sound working on your PC but not working on your DVD player is probably caused by the fact that your DVD player does not understand the format of the sound stream in the video files. With GSpot or AVIcodec you can find out which audio codec(s) it is that your DVD player does not support. You need to find an application that you will allow you to transcode the audio streams into a different audio format that IS supported by your DVD player, look here.

Another thing to find out is if your DVD player can be upgraded to a newer firmware version. This could also fix problems like these. reply


I converted burned avi video file to dvd in nero, after completing no sound in pc and dvd player.pls give solution reply


considering that Vista’s install eniorvnment has a completely different runtime then XP/2k3, you would actually need to put a boot manager and two partitions on your DVD.the alternative would be to start a virtual machine in one of the runtime to launch the other installer / runtime?(but, seriously: XP, 2K3 (and 2K, for that matter) are all NT5 and thus share the same kernel basics; 98 installs from a DOS box which the NT5 installer (or the NT6 / Vista installer, for that matter) can start; the XP / 2Kx installer offers the option to start a command prompt aka DOS box, thus it’s just a matter to kick off the Win98 installer in it.starting a NT5 installer from NT6 / Visto (or vice et versa) is a different story)about the licenses: if you own a license for each of the versions, nobody cares on how many DVDs or CDs you put them, as long as you have only one of each installed at all times. even LostDOS has a trial install of 30 days, 'bout settling for *TWO* DVDs and labeling them properly? reply



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