NetFlix DVD Movies will not play

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NetFlix DVD Movies will not play.

* I used Windows XP Home Edition’s “Add/Remove Programs” to delete everything I could think of that pertained to Codecs. -- Rebooted.

* I reinstalled Windows Media Player 11.

* I installed the “K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 3.9.5”.

* I installed the player: “vlc-0.8.6f-win32.exe”.

Only old DVD’s will play eg. “Treasure Island." (It didn’t come from NetFlix).

With new movies, they sometimes load NetFlix’s own player “InterActual." It hangs upon loading or after a minute or two. Or, else the playback plays 1-second, then after 30-seconds... it will play one more second!


Can someone give me a step-by-step procedure to uninstall/reinstall the various programs and Codecs required in the proper order (without using acronymns - I’m very new to all of this and don’t understand their meanings)?</b>

Other software on my system:

* DivX Player and Converter.
* Nero 6+.
* MS Windows XP Decoder Checkup Utility. Greek to me! Don’t know what to do with it.
* Windows XP “Movie Maker."

Video Card:

* ATI X1550PRO AGP w/512MB RAM

Plus, I have ALL latest drivers and Windows' updates, etc.

My objective is to view NetFlix DVD’s, and use Windows Movie Maker, etc.

Any help will be appreciated greatly!!! reply

I know nothing of what Netflix offers in terms of movies.
If you have standard movie DVD’s (the ones in MPEG-2, which when viewed in Windows Explorer have folders like VIDEO_TS and files like .VOB .IFO and .BUP), then they should play just fine in VLC, Media Player Classic, or any software DVD player (WinDVD, PowerDVD, etc.)
What I suspect is NetFlix’s movies could use DRM (Digital Rights Managements) and/or be in a different format (what files are you seeing on the DVD in Windows Explorer?). Also, are the movies in HD (High Definition)?
The MS Windows XP Decoder Checkup Utility is just a program to check if you have an MPEG-2 or DVD decoder on your system.
So yeah, look at the files in Windows Explorer; perhaps use gspot, avicodec, or mediainfo to help you identify the files (though they may not help if the files do use DRM - they would be encrypted in such a case).
Finally you can also use the Nero Info Tool to check what kind of disc you have. reply


Will any Nero product help my computer DVD drive open and play Net Flix rented DVD’s ? The one I rented from a Net Flix 'Red Box' will run, but it is all scrambled in the video, however the music sounds clear. Thank you.
R. W. Jim Hayden reply


The first person who responded to this is an idiot... none of that has anything to do with the disc playing or not playing... I’m having the same issue, but I come from a family of IT people, so I know that you are an idiot... don’t respond when you have no idea what you’re talking about! reply


Missy you are the idiot, coming on here just to tell someone else they are instead of offering a REAL solution. You come from a family of IT people yet you have no solution to the OP’s problem.

I would also like to add that the response from anonymous seems more plausible than anything else I’ve read here. I too have a problem playing some of Netflix’s videos on my computer. There’s nothing wrong w/ the software b/c it’ll play store bought movies just fine. Just seems as of late, any Netflix videos I’ve been getting will not play. The system doesn’t even recognize that there is even a disc in the tray. So, I would conclude it has something to do with the way Netflix’s videos are coded. reply


Prime, I am experiencing the same issues. I would say that +90% of Netflix films work fine. I really only have problems with new releases from 2010. I have checked everything including driver updates and updated my DVD software. The only conclusion I can think of is new protections on some Hollywood studio films. They must be using using new software that is not compatible with PC or laptop dvd players.

I can watch homemade dvd’s to almost all retail dvd’s, but not the new releases. reply


I just found this online. Don’t know how true it is though.

New DVD DRM Scheme Prevents PC Playback

In a stupid attempt by the studios to prevent paying customers from watching content they paid for on a PC, ProtectDISC has developed technology that prevents DVD playback on Windows computers. According to ZD Net:

The upshot of this is that if you have a DVD disc protected by Protect DVD-Video and you try to play the disc in a PC-based system using, say, Windows Media Player, the process will fail. Now, lets be clear here, we are taking about a genuine, legitimate DVD disc not working in a PC, not a pirated disc or a download via a torrent. Protect DVD-Video protects a DVD by basically making it un-playable in a DVD drive that’s in a Windows-based PC (I’ve no information on whether this also locks out Linux users - I would imagine that it does).

The crackers hackers have already figured out how to bypass this technology, so the paying customers are the only ones that will suffer. reply


Turn off your WMP sharing. reply


Thanks westos, that article was helpful. To anybody else experiencing this problem, download VLC player for free (works on macs, and pc’s I think), it will get around the “protections” placed on the disc and let you play the dvd you paid for...

Also, if you’re in a chatty mood, let Netflix know you had this problem. I just called their customer service line, and they said they had never before encountered this problem... in spite of the fact that the above posts are nearly a year old; clearly I am not the first. Hopefully if enough people complain of the same issue, they’ll do something to fix it. But perhaps that is naively optimistic. Anyhow, hope this is helpful reply


I to can not play netflix dvds on my pc they open show up and then say cop right conflict with media player. I played it this morning on my dvd at home and have watched other movies on here. reply


I have a brand new LG BD630 Blu-Ray player that will not load any DVD from NetFlix...all of my own DVDs play with no problems at all...what is NetFlix doing do their DVDs ? I wonder if I switch to Blockbuster,will this problem go away?...anyone have any thoughts? reply


thank you all
i am still too chicken to use other software,
but more power to you and i wish i could find some other thing than netflix, but i am too lazy reply


You can full disc copy the DVD to hard drive and play VOB files on your computer. Try.

Good luck. reply

I was not having any trouble watching Netflix rented DVD’s until recently. Within the past 30 days, every Netflix DVD that has arrived will not play on my PC with the Windows XP pro OS. The computer does not even see the disc in the drive. It will see store bought DVDs and it will see music CDs. My newer pc, which is using Windows 7 is still able to play the Netflix DVDs without issue. I''m not an IT person, and I don’t even play one on TV, but it seems to me that whatever change Netflix has made in the formatting of their DVDs makes them unplayable on the earlier OSs. And now Netflix is going to raise their prices. reply


VLC does not help. Windows does not recognize the netflix dvd. reply

I’m having the same problem recently. I have a blu ray player in my PC. Now windows7 doesn’t see the disk anymore. I’ve updated the players firmware but that didn’t help.
Latey all the Blu ray disks have been the ones that are Netflix legitimate copies. Meaning they say rental on them without the movie graphics.
I’m going to borrow a store bought blu ray and see if that plays. If it does, then I guess it’s something with those Netflix copies. reply


My problem with the DVD reader for my PC started with the Netflix rentals. The pictures would pixelate or just stop. Finally I gave up and stopped watching movies on my PC. Shortly afterwords the burner failed also. So I’ve been reading the tech blogs and doing things like uninstalling and installing in the Device Manager which you can find in the Control Panel. It did nothing. In fact it said that nothing was wrong with the DVD reader. So I took some alcohol and tissue and wiped the optical reader. It works fine now. I’ve decided to wipe any disk I put in the reader as an extra precaution so I won’t have the same problem again. The optical reader for my PC is located in the DVD tray. It looks like a tiny bead so no wonder a small speck of dust or gun totally disabled it. Hope this helps. reply


You are the rude, pompous idiot!!!!! reply


VLC does NOT fix this problem. Protected DVDs will NOT play in VLC anymore than they will in WMP. reply


I have a Sony DVD player that I’m having problems with too. All of the DVD’s that I own work just fine, however every new release from Netflix just comes up as “no disc detected”. They work fine on my laptop, so I was about to go buy another DVD play, but I’m not now. I’m just going to cancel Netflix! reply


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