need help playing MOV from apple on PC

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Hi there,

I got an HD MOV file created by an Panasonic camera with AVHDC codec and then edited on an apple.
When I try to play the movie on a PC, Quicktime says a codec is missing and refers to the Quicktime page, but none of the codec available there seems to work. The movie plays the sound, opens to the size of the movie but the screen stays black.
Seems like this apple MOV cannot be played with PC Quicktime.

Can someone help?

Thanks! reply

I just found out that it seems to be an ICOD Codec. At least that what the Movie Codec Tool tells me. But I cannot find it anywhere..... reply


The fourcc ICOD is for the Apple Intermediate CODec. I don’t think there’s version of it ported for the PC. The only one I saw was for the Mac. You can write to Apple and encourage them to port it for the PC (at least a decoder).
You can try the latest version of VLC Media Player (they write new codecs all the time, so it’s possible they wrote one for ICOD).
If that doesn’t work, you can try one of two things. You can use the original AVCHD file (VLC should be able to play it - at least it does according to this page). Or you can encode in a different codec playable by the PC version of QuickTime (H.264, MPEG-4, etc.) reply


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