My video can ONLY play through windows media player?

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so i was filming my xbox 360 through a blitzbox b1 capture card, (takes the video from the tv and puts it on your computer and saves it as a .wmv file). My computer overheated and shut off, and when i try to open the file, it says 0:00 for the duration, and will only play the video in windows media player, and when it does it won’t let you skip/rewind the video. For example when i try to open it in sony vegas 9.0, the clip will be black, and be 0:00. my brother said it may have something to do with the codec, because it wasnt dont coding it when the computer shut off?im not sure, i am not very tech savvy. Please help would be SO MUCH appreciated. either why its happening, or if there’s a way to fix it that would be great. thanks again
Mattu reply

Since the recording got shut off, the file didn’t get finalized when it was written. In particular, final filesize and duration didn’t get recorded. The tool to use is Windows Media Encoder’s re-indexing tool.
has some instructions. first part talks about re-indexing (which should be a lossless operation. Second part in case you get a black screen is to re-encode everything, which usually loses some quality regardless of how high the quality settings are.
Hopefully you’ll only need to reindex it. You can either use their tool, or the one in Windows Media Encoder.
If they don’t work, give asfbin a try as well. All the mentioned programs are freeware.

WME 9 reply


none of that worked, so i’m like great.. but i tried the asf thing or whatever u said at the end, and it worked! im eternally grateful :)


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