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I have a file that It is a video ( AVI Extension). WMP11 was not able to play it. These applications (AVIcodec, MovieCodec Codec tools y VideoInspector) show that I need MSC2 codec to play it.

I can not get it from Internet, Can you help me about it ?

Fidel reply

What does gspot say for container? (use version 2.70a). Also, what does it say in the codec box? (just making sure you typed it correctly MSC2 and not MSS2).
Finally does it say anything in the metadata box? Do you know what the source of this video is? (digital camera or camcorder model, or name of application that made it - where did you get it?) reply



I got this information from this application.


Complete name : D:\codecs\4383 Ppal SLR Colorado, SON__(15) S. 4383 MOSTRADORES 7 Y 8.1.AVI
Format : AVI
Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
File size : 361 MiB
Duration : 2h 55mn
Overal bit rate : 288 Kbps

Format : MSC2
Codec ID : MSC2
Duration : 2h 55mn
Bit rate : 287 Kbps
Width : 704 pixels
Height : 480 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 1.467
Frame rate : 1.000 fps
Resolution : 24 bits
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.851
Stream size : 361 MiB
Title : ????i


General #0
Complete name : D:\codecs\4383 Ppal SLR Colorado, SON__(15) S. 4383 MOSTRADORES 7 Y 8.1.AVI
File size : 361 MiB
Format : Audio Video Interleave
PlayTime : 2h 55mn

Video #0
Title : ????i
Codec : MSC2
Width : 704
Height : 480
Aspect ratio : 4/3
Frame rate : 1 fps


Nombre de Archivo : D:\codecs\4383 Ppal SLR Colorado, SON__(15) S. 4383 MOSTRADORES 7 Y 8.1.AVI
Tamaño de Archivo : 361 Mb.

Válido : Sí [AVI]
Duración : 02:55:34
Película completa : Sí

Resolución : 704x480
Códec : MSC2
FPS : 1.00
BitRate : 288 Kbps
Factor de Calidad : 0.87 b/px

From Gspot v2.70a, I got same information about codec MSC2.nothing in the metadata box. I got this video from Bank and I dont know how they take video.

Fidel reply


I think then it’s probably best to ask the bank what software it used to make the video (if they don’t mind telling you).
Chances are it’s a video from a surveillance system, and those tend to have proprietary codecs (to avoid tampering with evidence). If you can find what software or program made the video, you can probably go on the website and download the player for those kind of videos.

Creo que entonces es probablemente mejor preguntar al banco qué software se usa para hacer el vídeo (si no les importa decir a usted).
Es probable que se trata de un video de un sistema de vigilancia, y los que tienden a tener codecs propietarios (para evitar la manipulación de pruebas). Si usted puede encontrar el software o programa hizo el video, probablemente pueda ir en el sitio web y descargar el reproductor de ese tipo de videos. reply


how to get msc2 codec reply


can you upload your msc2 file?
you can upload here:

one of these players might play it, although i didnt find the file i was looking for:

let us know if one of them works, maybe gscview? reply


this is what i could find, although i couldnt find mscavi.dll

VIDC.msc2=c:\program files\Multiscope\MSCAVI.DLL

seems to be created by
so ask them for the viewer. reply


vvvvv reply


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