Mpeg help fix, repair the video to play all seconds.

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My sister lost a charished video filmed from her camera in Mpeg. She erased the camera card in error. A friend was able to retrieve all the card but the video she wanted shows 34 seconds, but only plays 4 seconds than stops.

I have tried playing around on with files to resolve, tried burning the file with nero, but nothing reads past 4 seconds.

Any suggestions that may retrieve the video. If it states 34 seconds, is it possible the data is there?

Any help would be appreciated. reply

U can try this shareware. It can retrieve deleted files/video from memory card. U can try it out 4 free b4 buying. reply



Thanks for volunteering to answer questions. I have had trouble with wmplayer since I upgraded from 9 -- that is, with 10 and 11.

When I click on an mpeg on the web, it will not play. I usually get a still picture and the sound, but no moving video. Sometimes I get a black screen. It says it is connecting, then playing, then gives the file name, but it does not play. Sometimes, if I let the still stay for a while and then go back and click on it again, it will play.

I have no trouble with wmv or avi files. They play without a problem.

If I download the mpeg to my hard disk, media player has no trouble with it.

My ignorant guess is that wmplayer is having some problems buffering the video, but I know little about this. I have downloaded current codecs, I think.

I paid Microsoft for technical help. All they did was tweak all the wmplayer settings, and it made no difference. Surpirse -- they would not refund the fee.

If you have any ideas I would appreciate reply


Hey Howard welcome to the club. Microcheap is a poor company you don’t know that? WMP whatever number from 9 to 11 and IE all 7 creations are garbage. Mozilla is the best and all freewares like VLC, Media Classic and so work better. BSplayer was a good one too but the latest version gave me some problems. Black screen I have after I clean my registry with some tools like Tuneup and I have to reinstall the DivX bundle. It’s about some missing codecs and compatibility. Start with a codecs collection like All in One, Xvid, DivX, XP and for sound AC3 filter. Some downloads are on this site also check this: reply


Unable top play your MPEG video? This could be due to corruption or damage to MPEG videos. You must use MPEG repair software to repair MPEG files. The tool repair MPEG file goes corrupted or damaged due to any reasons like virus attack, memory card corruption and makes the accessible.
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