MPEG demultiplexer and ffdshow cannot render h.264 in Transport stream

posted in Video Codecs

I have a mpeg2-TS file containing h.624 video and AAC audio stream. I need to render this media file in push mode. I wish to use only freeware filters.

I use MPEG demultiplexer (Microsoft) to demux the file and ffdshow audio and video decoders to decode. MPEG Demuxer, along with some licensed decoders, is working fine. Also ffdshow filters with other demuxers(gabest source filters) are working well too. But together they are not working.

I felt it may due to either different data sent out of demuxer or different media info declared on output pin of demuxer. Assuming later to be the cause I varied the media info. After trying various media types of output pins demuxer, i was able to get some distorted video. But with same media info and some other demuxer, the video was even more distorted.

On other note, I transcoded the TS file back into same format using TSMuxer.exe. Although all parameters and properties of TS file were same, there was small increase in size. But MPEG demuxer along with ffdshow was able to render video(not audio).

I am not much into media formats and directshow so I am not able to understand what actually wrong here. Can somebody shed some light on situation?

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