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Whenever i try to convert .mov files to avi it doesnt seem to work. I am using quicktime pro to do it and it can go to any other format, just not avi. The problem is, I need them in avi so my DVD software can read them (adobe premiere 1.5).

For some reason, premiere cant read the .mov files, like it normally can. The same file that i can’t convert will freeze on the first fame and the sound will keep going. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance reply

Also, Does ne 1 no where to get new codecs that work in Premiere, or do u need adobe-released codecs? reply


What steps are you using when making your conversion to AVI?
Here’s the proper way to do it:
1. Open your file in QuickTime Pro.
2. Just to check the audio (skip this if you already know in advance). Click movie, get movie properties. On the left choose sound track and on the right pick format. Note on a piece of paper whatever’s in the box (sample rate, channels, and sample size)
3. Click file, choose export.
4. In the export box, choose Movie to AVI, then click Options to the right of that (very important)
5. Under sound click settings. Set the settings to match what you had in step 2. For compressor I recommend 'None'.
6. For Video click on Settings. Make SURE the Quality bar is pulled all the way to the right (the default is Medium, which in my opinion is LOUSY). Frames per second choose best, and make sure the other two boxes are unchecked. Depth millions of colors or millions of colors+ should do. Now the hard decision: at the very top you’ll have a box where to choose codecs. In the Windows version of QuickTime Pro, I have None, Cinepak, DV (several flavors), Indeo 4, and Indeo 5, and a couple others. You may have a different list. If you have a LOT of hard disk space to spare 'None' is probably the way to go (expect about 100 MB of data for every 25 sec of 15 fps at 320x240). Otherwise just pick another codec (I recommend Indeo 5 or 4 if you have them and against Cinepak). reply


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You can let a converter do the work for you. I’m always convert the .mov files with brorsoft video converter and it does a great job. It is intuitive and easy-to-use with a lot of output formats for users. Besides, I have to say it is the fastest I’ve ever tried. You can try the demo verison and it will solve your problem. reply


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