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I’ve seen this question multiple times on the forum, but no one seems to know the answer. C’mon, there’s got to be someone out there who has this information. Please share!!!! I have MS Movie Maker and am trying to import an avi file. I get a message when I do this that I don’t have the correct codecs installed for avi. I followed the steps of the iranian guy who posted on this forum and it did not work. Does anyone out there know a good, safe, reliable site where you can download the codecs specifically so you can import avi into movie maker. I know I can convert the file, but everytime I convert, the video ends up looking crappy and it loses a lot of clarity. Please, you guys, we all need an answer to this!!!! reply

here’s a quick general way

install ffdshow-tryouts
during installation, check the VFW box

run movie maker
go to tools, options, compatibility tab.
check the ffdshow box

this covers most cases, because lots of videos tend to be in xvid, divx, x264, or something common like that.

if it doesn’t work, you’ll have to get scientific about it and find out exactly what’s in the file. download and run mediainfo
open your avi with it and find out what’s inside (container, which is the file type; video codec; and audio codec)
if it’s still an avi, once you find out the codec, go in the ffdshow video decoder settings (it’s in your start menu - get the red one, not the yellow one (it’s for vfw) )
go to the codecs tab on the left. on the right, find the codec of your avi, then on the column that has all the entries disabled/libavcodec/xvid, click on the box, and make sure it’s something other than disabled. reply


i converted the files to WMV. it was the only thing that worked after countless failures reply


I just want to question can this slow down your comupter? Because my comupter can be really slow now and again and im wondering if this would make it worse :/ reply


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