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Please help me.. i bought an mp4 player so it plays DMV files.. i’m using DMV Converter II right now but it is hard to configure and when we converted the video, the size is larger than the actual size! OMG!
Please help me find another DMV Converter! I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!

Pissed OFF,
Starrs reply

The size is a matter of the dmv-format and not of the converter. Any converter will result in the same file-size.

However you can test/use the tool that I wrote
you can download it at...


Stefan Burger reply


hi i bought a mp4 player that only play dmv movie files..i don’t no what to do...if have any converter or where find dmv files please send me something...thanks. reply


Stefan Burger - your software looks great, but it crashes when trying to convert my wmv files to dmv format, size 128x112. The player is a NION 512Mb. Any suggestions?

Are there special settings or restrictions that you know about? The DMV2343.zip that others have posted does not work either - that one just stops with a message in garbled text - probably chinese. reply


ihave dmv sofeware my # 09178984916 reply


hi there, the DMVtoolsII is a good stuff. i always use it to convert my avi and wma files into dmv files and play them in my mp4 player. First of all, i think you have to make sure how big is your mp4 screen, if it is only 1.1 inch, then you have to select the output rate into 0832kbps , OLED(X):96, OLED(Y):64, width mag factor =1, and height mag factor=1. the higher the output rate , the better the film quality, but the size of the file becomes bigger.
i think the problem you choose the OLED(X) and OLED(Y) wrong.
if the size of your mp4 screen is larger , then you have to reset the OLED(X) and OLED(Y) appropriately. reply



WMV is not supported by my tool.
You can convert your wmv files to mpeg2 first and than you can use DMVconvert to make dmv files.

Stefan reply


I bought a MP4, Oled 1.5” screen. When I converted the WMV to DMV the size is lager than the actual size. My manuals(in chineese language) is showing OLED(X): 128 and OLED(Y):112, the width mag factor:1.3 , height mag. factor: 1.3, and it is set accordingly. But still I am having the same problem.
Please help me out from this problem

Thanks reply


Have a look here: http://www.mympxplayer.com/

They’ve got *both* DMV Converters on the site.

FREE to download and access so have a look there. reply


i want DMV converter pls help me........... send me DMV CONVERTER AT MY EMAIL bestfriend_johnny_85@yahoo.com THIS IS MY MOBILE NUMBER +639207260983............thanks....... reply


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