How to import *.MOD MPEG files into movie maker

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I am trying to import files that I have put on my HD that came from my Panasonic SDHC video camera with HD. But I get this error. When I view the files on my HD is says they are MPEG but movie maker doesn’t reconginze them.

I am a beginer with this process and movie maker. Any suggestions. Movie maker says it can catpure from a video device and it will not see my camera either.

Lost newbie.

The file C:\Documents and Settings\XX\My Documents\My Videos\PRG008\Copy of MOV00D.MOD is not a supported file type, and it cannot be imported into Windows Movie Maker. reply


WMM only accept WMV or AVI video, you need your video to be formatted as WMV or AVI.

If you have an access to Macintosh, you can also convert MOD to MOV or MP4 and edit them with iMovie. reply

So dumb. If you don’t have a helpful response than don’t even post. What an ass. reply


Windows Movie Maker accepts avi or wmv videos, so you can convert your *.MOD MPEG files to avi or wmv with video converter or something like this. good luck. reply



Yeah, you need to convert your MOD MPEG files to AVI or WMV files which are playable with Windows Moivie Maker. You can do it with Video Converter Software. I have found this Wondershare Video Converter Platinum from this article - It works well for me. I think you can have a free try first. reply


Well ~ no one seems to have an answer to any of these problems. I just want to know how to convert a .MOD video file to something I can burn on a DVD so the elderly people, that does not have a computer, watch the video on their DVD player. Why does this have to be so difficult to do? reply


Change the file extension to .mpg

To do this follow this guide:

So change your video to something like this:

Video1A.MOD to Video1A.mpg

You need to ensure you have the AC3 codex installed in your selected media player, in this example lets say Windows Media Player since you want it for Windows Movie Maker.

You can get this by downloading it from a 3rd Party Website, or alternatively install Klite -

This will install the AC3 as well as all the codex you will ever need solving any possible future problems.

It is an absolute faff. I run a series of networks in schools, try telling teachers how to do this on a network thats locked down and restricted, its a management nightmare.

There is no way to install any add on to Windows Movie Maker to make it support .MOD. Not the answer you want but thats just Fact now. reply



not sure why it is but i can import .mod files into Windows Movie Maker on my laptop... running the version of WMM that came on the Acer laptop with Windows Vista..... but am not so lucky on my PC running Windows 7 with WMM 2.6.... am having to install the codecs and try that..... reply


This problem is actually my problem too.
Here’s some answer to changing extensions:
a) Rename the file extension from 1234.mod to 1234.avi or mpeg or wmv etc
b) Download VLC Player and download k-lite codec standard at
c) Sell your camera and grab a trusty new camera that saves with extension that works with WMM. (Best choice)
d) Write a letter of complaint to those camera’s that support .mod’s extension (recommended)
e) Do all of the above (Personally I choose this :P) reply


you need to convert your videos to WMV since it is the most compatible video format for Movie Maker. You can have a try to download a trial version of the Brorsoft Video Converter to transcode the videos for you. reply


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