How to convert to M4S2 and ADPCM

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I have casio exilim Z750 camera. I would like to play external videos on its 2.5 inch screen. I checked the codec details of the camera :

Video : Microsoft MPEG-4 (hacked MS MPEG-4)(M4S2)
Audio : Microsoft IMA ADPCM.

Is there any program that converts the avi and rm files to the above format reply

There was a HUMONGOUS thread on this kind of stuff here

I think the bottom line is there’s probably no simple on-the-fly encoding tools for M4S2 (like Windows Media Encoder or VirtualDub), but there are ways to get around that.
Many of the tricks discussed in the thread involve encoding into some flavor of MPEG-4 (DivX, Xvid, MP4S (Microsoft ISO MPEG-4 version 1 - different from M4S2, which is version 1.1), 3ivx, and others), then changing the fourcc with a fourcc changer (for example with this one).

A couple of notes: Microsoft discontinued MP4S encoding in Windows Media Encoder recently (see thread 32042 posts #13 and #15)
The premier tool for funky encoding like this is probably FFMPEG, but I haven’t played with it much. You can probably look or ask at, since that’s where the video codec experts hang out.
Another one I haven’t tried is ffdshow-tryout (I only use it for H264 decoding). If you install the filter, it gives you a LOT of encoding options in VirtualDub (tons of fourcc’s supported). As you can imagine I haven’t played with them much, nor have I checked if M4S2 was on the list. You should be able to pick it from the list of MPEG-4 encoding options. Here’s a screenshot (thanks, google!)

If you’re an uber-fancy person, you could write Casio an e-mail and ask them to give out an encoder. At the time the Aiptek thread was written, it was just a recorder; but as people tried to find ways to encode things to make it a player too, Aiptek released encoders for their newer products and turned them into multi-use products (nice case of consumers influencing manufacturers). reply


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