How i can play my movie in AVI format with WMV# codec

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Dear Sir?!

I appreaite anybody who help me!!
I have very important movie with avi format have WMV3 Codec...I TRied many many times but i cant play my file!!
I download many many sofware ..codec codec changer software!!such as divx, xvid, vwmv9vcm, software ...avi..codec changer and ets....

please help me i need immidate help please help me!! reply

Are you a PC? (If you’re on a Mac the instructions would be totally different)
Are you 100% sure the file is avi and not wmv/asf? If you have any doubt feed it into gspot or avicodec.
If it’s avi and it indeed uses a fourcc of WMV3 did you download and run Microsoft’s VCM from here?
Was the avi file of correct length? (gspot or avicodec should tell you this) If it is not, use avipreview or media player classic to play the file.
If after all this it still doesn’t work, you should suspect file corruption. At that point feed the file into VirtualDub this way: click on file, open, but before you pick your video file click on 'ask for extended options after this dialog' at the bottom. then pick your file. on the next window check the boxes next to 'open file in avifile compatibility mode' and 're-derive keyframe flags'. This will scan the file for bad frames and may take a while if the file is large.


That should be “are you ON a pc?" I feel dumb asking someone if they’re a pc... reply


Dear sir!!

PLease help me i m behind pc!!

I have avi file with wmv3 codec!!

i have 2 windows 98se,XP ... ih ave windows media player 9,10... and i download Windows Media Video 9 VCM and install it in my system i download virtuall dub but i cant open my file error is “couldnt locate decomperessor for fomat wmv3 (unknown)"..

please help me dear immidate help!! if you may send me a any program that my computer can known wmv3 codec for windows i so appreitte!!

Feedback reply


Dear sir!!
Please help me ..know i m so sad to play my file i go to to the blow address” address and downlaod it and setup on my syetsm and reset my syetm but i cant play My avi file with wmv3 codec!!

plz help me can i send my file to any place and any body change the avi codec description!! that i can play it whit windows media player or any program..
plz help i need ergent help!! reply


I have AVI file with wmv3 code

when i get properties from my avi file with WMV3 codec!!i see this:
video compression : MS-WMV9
audio format divx;audio

i have no problem with divx!!
I think I havent video Comperssion"MS-WMV9” for playing my avi file with wmv3 codec becuase i setup all of microsoft products!!
PLz help me how i can play my avi file!! reply


Did you try an alternate player like avipreview?


yes i download AVI perview!!
How i shoudl work with this software? reply


You unzip it, then you run avipreview.exe, then you just drag the file you’re trying to play on it. reply


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