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Hello... i have a avi file... but i need h264/x264 codec ITU H.26n where can i download it??? i have been searching the net but i am not getting it... please help me... reply

http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=89979 reply

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i have the same problem ... i have a .avi file which when played using dvix player 2.6 gives me an error that says “FourCC H264” codec required. I have tried the codec from the doom9 forum but doesn’t work - it stills gives the same error. Please help. reply

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Download this decoder http://www.videosoftinc.com/pub/vssh3dec.exe reply

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or use mpegable
it’s FREE! reply


In this site, you can get x264 codec. reply


thx for all the replies .... the storm codec pack v5.00 solves all the common codec problem reply


Thank u all,i met with the same problem , but now i solve that,thank u all reply


thank you reply


I don’t know if anyone can help me.

I install vssh3dec.exe & X264VFW_rev253C+threads_mmx.exe & mpegableAVC-Setup.msi.

I want to use TMPGEnc.exe to convert a .avi(code by H264/x264 ITU H.26n) file to standard mpeg2 file.

Though it could work. Some problem happens.

Many “green mask” was brought in the screen.

How to handle this problem.

Thank you for answer.

Sorry, my English is’nt good enough. reply


thank you !! reply


Hi can someone help me.. I have some problem.. I have ACE Mega Codec pack & also VLC player, DivX player. The problem is that I need x264 codec. I’ve download it from many source. The result i got was that the video screen came out, but it’s very lagging, but the audio works fine. I try to open with VLC, but only audio came out. I try to open with DivX, it always displayed error message, saying that I need to download new codec video for fourcc code x264. can somebody help me reply


thank you ! reply


x264 is not a standard, h264 is. Actually its avc10.

the decoders are a bit problematic at this point yet. Mpegable is quite flaky and the vid quality is nothing to be proud of. The others are alright. I would suggest not using them yet.

Check out Doom9, AfterDAwn, DVDBOX.sk,
you’ll find alot of info and links and software there.


topcat139 reply


http://www.videosoftinc.com/pub/vssh3dec.exe worked for me thks.

MaK reply


doesn’t work for me. Completely fubars my comp. Crashes on win media player, mpc, vlc and win dvd. And crashes explorer too on top of that. G-spot can read it though. reply


http://www.animetorrents.com/x264/ reply


well... those daily anarchic ffdshow builds with their funky sse(2) functions _can_ toast your cpu and/or northbridge (as happened a lot in 2003)
to be on the safe side: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-windows.html reply


Thanks, Makiaveli. Works like a champ! Awesome video with Rainman. Now if I can just flash my dvd player with this. reply


Thank you for info on h264! reply


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