GSpot Reports MPEG-2 Video Codec Not Installed

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I open a file with GSpot and it says it uses Codec MPEG2_Video with a name of MPEG-2. Then it says, “Codec(s) are NOT Installed”.
I open the menu System... List Codecs and Other Filters. I scroll down to an entry:
DSH MPEG2_VIDEO InterVideo Video Decoder {0246CA20-776D-11D2-8010-00104B9B8592} 0x00700000

Can anyone tell me why GSpot would tell me the codec is not installed if I have this entry in my Installed codecs table?

More info on this codec is:
DSH DirectShow CLSID {0246CA20-776D-11D2-8010-00104B9B8592}
REG Driver File f:\util\DVD2000\
FIL File Description IVIVIDEO
FIL File Version 2.1
DSH Friendly Name InterVideo Video Decoder
- - Function Other
FIL Internal Name
FIL Legal Copyright Copyright © 1998, 1999 InterVideo Inc.
FIL Legal Trademarks WinDVD Copyright © 1998, 1999
REG Merit 0x00700000
FIL Original Filename
FIL Product Version 2.1
- - Type DSH

Adam. reply

You’re probably using version 2.52 which is still in beta. It’s not unusual for beta releases to have a few bugs here and there. My personal take on this is if the file plays ok, then don’t worry about it. reply


Yes, that’s my take too. Unfortunately, the file does not play at all. I can’t play any MPEG2 or DVD files and I’m trying to figure out why. Hence the investigation into the codecs being installed.
The codec seems to be installed. reply


hi i have a codec problem g-spot says i have the correct codecs installed for a file however when i play it its sounds reallllly weird and amongst all the talking there sounds like radio interference (sounds like aliens are trying to contact me)

wonder if anyone can help thanks reply


Sherlock is a good tool to find out what codecs you have and if is working or not. reply


Weird sound in playback is caused by conflict between two codecs, can’t remember what codecs it was tough. But i would suggest you remove all codecs, and then reinstall them one at a time until you find the one that causes problems. reply



“ELECARD MPEG 2 Video Decoder Package release 2.0" reply


Here is the link from ixus: reply


Yeah, I’ve had a similar problem and solved it.

First; why is GSpot saying there is no MPEG2 codec:
It seems to do that all the time for me too, even for files I can play. One guess is that it looks for a complete codec and doesn’t look among the DirectShow filters where most MPEG2 decoders live today (including your Intervideo decoder). Actually, when you click the MS rendering button it will match among the DirectShow filters and you can get a match there even if it was saying “no codec(s)".

Second; why can’t you play MPEG2:
Check if your decoder is visible to Windows by downloading MS’s Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility.
Try to download a sample and standard MPEG2 file from the net and play it.
If both the above tests succeed, but your own files still don’t play, then you probably have an incompatibility problem between your video files and the DirectShow splitter/demultiplexer filter (sort of a codec working together with the MPEG2 decoder).
I had problems with the Windows standard splitter regarding some SVCD MPEG2 files I tried to play and the solution was to install the Elecard distro mentioned above as it comes with a more forgiving splitter.

Mike reply


Here is a freeware from Russia, Coda 3.3 with a Cyberlink MPEG2 Decoder included. reply


Labish, thanks for your link.
I identified what was missing in G-Spot,
and the MPEG-2 video and audio codec in the link you posted is just what my Media Player needed to play a movie I had. reply


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