FOURCC code "0"

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bearshare sucks dude, most of the files i download from there either are missing codecs that i cant find or are corrupted, but this fourcc codec is fake as hell which pisses me off cause i just downloaded the butterfly effect and it was missing the codec FOURCC code “0” piece o crap thing :( reply

“Please note that there doesn’t exist any video codec that uses the FOURCC code 0. If you’ve downloaded a movie with the FOURCC code 0 it’s a fake movie file and you won’t be able to watch it. To avoid fake movies using KaZaA you can use a program called sig2dat. Then you simply goto a site such as and lookup the movie you want to download. All the files have been verified and should work, so when you follow the sig2dat link your KaZaA will automatically try to find and download the movie." reply


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