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I’m haveing problem to play a ".asf” file... it’s a movie “21 Grams”. I just downloaded at iMesh and the name of the file is: “21.grams.dvl.xvid.sharereactor.2004.asf” it has 330 mb... I don’t no such thing about DVL.XVID... I’ve been downloading every codec I’ve see tryng to watch this movie... I did try at Windows Media Player 6.4, I’ve always watch in it every kind of file, and sometime when I’m having problem I’m lead to the microsft web site and download something, then the problem it’s resolved! But this time when I was lead to web site I got this message:::

“Windows Media Update

In order to play this file, you need to upgrade your media player to a version compatible with Windows Media Rights Manager V7. Select View Compatible Players below to see a list of compatible media players.
If your current media player does not have a Windows Media Rights Manager V7 compatible version, you should select a different player with the Windows Media Rights Manager V7 identifier." adress: “http://windowsmedia.com/wmrm/wmrm.asp?challenge=AAEAAfIZ5W*Rhm9NUDgq865MarY1BPE6BXQK!!

It’s seems I’ve to download the vesion 7.0 of Windows Media Player.... there’s any way that I can see this movie in my old 6.4 version!?!??! It must have some code or somenthig....

Pleaaaaaase... help me!!!!


Igby reply


If you know something about this then I would gratefull for information.
I get the same problem.
I have tried everything I can think off, and belive you me, I am an engineer so that it is a lot!
I think this is the new microsoft rights in action. Its not to do with codecs, more to do with some sort of licenseing or something.
I have win98 Se, so I am wondering if it maybe linked to that also, maybe they want us all to xp or something and then it all works (as media 9 seems to be XP happy)???? reply


The DVL XVID in the file name means you need the XviD codec to watch it (DVL is just the group that encoded the file). MS’s web site won’t help you at all, try the Defiler Pak http://hellninjacommando.com/defilerpak/
If that doesn’t work try renaming the file from .asf to .avi.
Otherwise it might just be a fake file. :( reply


i just got it off a fasttrack client.. the file is a fake. xvid in the filename implies that the opensource mpeg4 codec 'xvid' is the codec type of the video... unfortunately the file size is 334MB (too small for a video of any decent quality anyway...) xvid does not recognize the file and wmp tries to download some stupid drm stuff when u try to play it. obviously a fake. keep looking.

-p2pwizard reply



First of all: why you don’t want to upgarde your media player to the newest version???

Ok... so like Ragnarok said, DVL is the name of the group who ripped that movie and Xvid is the codec they used.

1. Xvid files are .avi files and not .asf so change the file to .avi and then try to watch.
2. If you still can’t watch the movie so the file is incompleted. You can’t watch .avi files before you finished downloading them. first finish downloading the file and then try.
3. If you finished downloading the file so the file is faked or you downloaded it from somebody who didn’t finish downloading it.
4. Are you sure you downloaded all the needed codecs???? (I mean to Xvid codec and ac3 filter for movies that the audio codec is ac3) reply


u guys should just cut down on the porn.... =) reply


i don’t think it matters what o/s because i have xp and it still won’t work. now i have to troll around the internet looking for a virus-free plug-in. kind of like reality, aint it. reply



"unfortunately the file size is 334MB (too small for a video of any decent quality anyway...)"

I think you’d be surprised. Try encoding a short movie (say 120 minutes) to RV10 + RA @ 334 (or 350MB for a nice round number) and look at the quality :-) reply


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