DVD will play on player but not on PC

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I burned a DVD and it will play on my player but not on my DVD drive. What do I do? If I install a Codec, does this make it so that the DVD drive will read the disk? When I put the disk in, it just say insert disk, like it does’nt have one in there. Help please. reply

are you sure you dint burn out your drive if it worked before reply


you MUST have an MPEG2 codec installed, as well as a DVD navigator. You would also need to have the ability to hear mp2 and ac-3 files. Those are the normal audio formats for DVD. Give Dscaler a shot, or the Moonlight-Elecrd mpeg decoders, really high quality, and quick too. The Navigator comes with Windows, butyou can always update that as well. A suggestion, NEVER, EVER use the codec paks, they will create a mess.

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Hi, I installed power DVD and it will play a DVD now, but not the ones that I burn. Also neither one of my drives will even detect the disc that I am putting in it , wether it is to save data or play run the files on the disc. reply


I am having the same problem. Put a disc in the drive, click on My Computer and a blank “My Computer” window opens and stays there. When I eject the disc the window opens properly.

I took the same discs to a friends and they played first time on his. Also it cannot be the drive because I have 2 fitted, 1 player and 1 a re-writer and it is the same in both.

PLEASE HELP!!! reply


(to gustifus)
This may sound like a very strange suggestion, but have you tried switching media brand? Usually your dvd burner manual will have a list of recommended dvd+/-r/w brands to work with. It’s worth a shot. reply


I have just encountered the same problem. A DVD that will play on my player but not on my PC. It is not recognized as a readable medium. It only applies to this one DVD (which is a purchased copy). Is it possible that someone has come up with a format that is designed not to play on PCs to inhibit people ripping them? I sure hope not. reply


www.regionfreedvd.net/ reply


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