dv codecs

I just installed personal studio v.2.0 and it says I need to reinstall quicktime because im missing a dv codec. But i have reinstalled quicktime 3 times with all the components as well as finding a dv codec online and downloading that. I think that I might have two many codecs, anyway to remove them? Or is the problem something else? reply

Mandriva, PCLinuxOS, and Mepis could also have been included in the list, but they were not for svereal reasons. The first was that I didn’t want to confuse the users by presenting distribution that had different roots. Don’t get me wrong, I love the variety of Linux distributions available out there, but for a new user this can be disconcerting, so I choose to limit the scope to distribution based on a Debian root.The second reason is that I wanted to limit the choice to 2 or at most 3 distributions. Again for users out of the Windows world where you have the choice between Home or Professional too many options are probably not a good idea, it will confuse people. There will be time later when the user is converted to Linux to tell them about all the other great distros.Finally what I wanted to present was one distro that was more community based and one that was backed by a relatively large corporation. In the Debian world Mint and Ubuntu seemed to fit the bill well.One of the main assets of Linux is diversity: a lot of distributions, a lot of freedom, a lot of choices. This means that it is very easy for users out of the Windows world to get lost amongst all those choices, so I have the difficult task of first limiting the options to which the new users are exposed. In a second phase when the user is comfortable with Linux it will be time to show him all the possibilities of Linux.It is true that there are no beginner version of Windows, but as a result a lot of people like Joe went trough a painful learning process when they started computing. Not many people are ready to go through that again with a new OS, that is why Linux needs to take better care of beginner users than Windows did. reply



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