DivX 5.0.5 videos display lots of artifacts

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Hi guys, i hope I can explain my problem as clear as possible, without knowing the specifix terminology or name for what ever it is that i see in the DivX film playback.

I have made DivX rips before and they came out very well and i noticed no discouloured parts in the film or funny blocks ...then again it is not too easy to get rid of all blocks, if you check clearly , u can always see those... especially one cdr rips.

Anyways, now i have re-installed windows XP pro sp1 again because i bought a New Hard drive...i know it was not neccesary but i diddi it anyways.

I installed my msi fx5200 drivers... i think version 6x.xx not too sure...the one on my CD for the card is 53.03.... anyways, I have not installed dx9 or snything , actually i think i might need to get back to you all about this...i think i also installed media lpayer 10, i dont know why...but i mainly use 6.4 media player only... or bsplayer...oh and SP1 is installed too.

Anyways, i have checked for adware and removed whetevr there was with adware 6 latest update file.

When playing the divx movies they appear to not be nice and smooth picture quality, there seems to be like a funny discolour or slight blockyness that i keep seeing....more the discolour... i cant explain it better. What i mean is it seems like the picture is not being rendered or not displaying nicely...i mean like say when u see a charatcter’s face ... it seems like it is not clear,, u cant see the skin nicely but only in certain parts...

I hope somebody can understand what i am saying...maybe i can explain it better if somebody can hopefully help me...

Please can somebody help me ?

Thanks alot


There are a few things to try.
- try checking your color settings. right click on your desktop and choose properties. then look under the settings tab. under colors make sure it’s true color (either 24 or 32 bits is fine)
- pop the video in virtualdub and play it. if it seems slower motion than usual and the sound goes out of sync but the picture is still clear chances are your processor is not powerful enough and can’t process the frames fast enough when played in media player. In that case you can try closing all your other programs and adjust your divx settings (in the start menu under divx) to minimize processor use: turn off post-processing and film effect, and turn off smooth playback. If however when the video is played in virtualdub it appears blocky and with artifacts anyway, it may mean the file wasn’t encoded properly (like those mp3’s that skip!), or was corrupt during transfer (an altered bit here, an altered bit there can radically affect your video!)


How could I forget? To turn lessen processor use turn off the goddamn luna interface from windows xp!!! right click on ur desktop, choose properties and switch to classic view. (this is, of course, if your problem was a weak processor)


HI, well I have my desktop thingy at 32 bit yes, umm, my processor is 2500+ AMD using the Nforce 2 chipset K7N2 mobo...512 meg ddr PC2700 i think.
I dont know what the hell it is man, i wish i could fix this bitch story.



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