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I cannot find the codec microsoft video 1 ... CRAM/msvc

thank you for helping reply

I am on windows 2000 pro reply


I’m sorry I’m just doing a lot of copying and pasting (with slight modifications for Windows 2000) from my original post in thread 4275
I couldn’t be bothered to retype this all again. I hope you can forgive me for it.

Microsoft Video 1 (fourcc CRAM, MSVC, or WHAM) usually comes bundled with the Windows Operating System. In Windows 2000 and XP it comes standard, so if it’s not there either the codec file was accidentally deleted or in an incorrect location, or the registry doesn’t have the proper information to associate the fourcc with the codec.

I wouldn’t recommend these steps if you’re a newbie. But if you have nothing to lose try this (be sure to back up your registry first):

These steps assume you either don’t have the proper information in your registry to associate the fourcc with the codec file or the codec file is missing/not in the right location.
Run the registry editor. Go to start, run, then type regedit and press enter. Then navigate to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/Drivers32. Make sure that on the left pane Drivers32 is highlighted. Scroll down on the right. You will notice a bunch of vidc.blahblahblah entries (just to familiarize yourself with the pattern). Now go to edit, new, string value. A string value will appear at the bottom right with name New Value #1. Right click it, and choose rename. Rename it vidc.msvc (if it says you can’t do that that means the value’s already there, then just skip the next step and delete the key instead - right click New Value #1 and choose delete). Then double click vidc.msvc and for value data type msvidc32.dll. Now search your hard disk and/or windows 2000 cd for msvidc32.dll. When you find it, right click it and choose copy. Then go to my computer, go to your c: drive, go to your winnt folder, and go to your system32 folder, and click on edit and choose paste. (If it says destination same as source, or asks for confirmation to overwrite that means the file was already there in the first place, so just choose no)

If all else fails just open the file with QuickTime Player. Amazingly it can handle Microsoft Video 1. (I reckon this is from the days Microsoft and Apple used to get along). reply


the key was in it’s right place in regedit and msvidc32.dll was in system32

then I must install QuickTime only for that ?
is it really impossible to get this codec again working for normal player as bsplayer ?

thanks a lot for your help ! reply


You seem to have the proper codec then. There’s the possibility of the file being corrupt or incomplete. There’s a couple of ways to check that.
gspot ( will tell you if the file length is correct.
If the file length is incorrect you can use AviPreview ( or Media Player Classic ( to play the file.
If the file length is correct but you still can’t play it, I would suspect corruption. At that point your last resort would be to attempt to open the file in VirtualDub ( and see if you can salvage anything. Click on file, open video file, and before you choose your video file check the box “ask for extended options after this dialog”. then pick your video file. Check the boxes “re-derive keyframe flags” and “open in avifile compatibility mode”. If the file is particularly large VirtualDub may take time scanning through it.
BTW, is it an avi? (it’s pretty rare to put MS Video 1 stuff in ogm or mkv, but it’s feasible). And are you absolutely certain the video file you’re trying to play requires the Microsoft Video 1 codec? If you’re not sure run gspot on the file to check the fourcc. reply


yes of course I have gspot and videosinspector
and the files are not corrupted at all
they are avi fom my webcam, ... my daughter drawing on the table besode my computer or my cat ....



I guess we should start from scratch. Are you able to play the video at all? If not, then what media player are you using and what error messages are you getting, if any? Also can you paste the information gspot gives, notably 4cc, type, and stat under file. reply


I have tried 3 players >>>
window media player
media player classic

no one plays the file and my computer is totally blocked I can’t even press ctrl alt del .. to escape

no message of course
i must reboot the computer

thank you reply


Windows 2000 is a relatively robust operating system, and the crashing/hanging of an application normally doesn’t bring down the whole os. The os freezing like you described is usually indicative of serious hardware incompatibilities or failure, or improper drivers.

I presume you know the fourcc because of gspot, and any attempts to play the file in other players freezes the system. I want you to try two more tests:
1. Play the file in VirtualDub like I described earlier , and see if it will open in compatibility mode.
2. Download this file
and see if it freezes your system with the players you mentioned earlier. This file is also made in MS Video 1. If the system freezes again, then it’s likely a codec problem. If not, then it might be just the videos produced by your webcam. reply


VirtualDub plays most of my AVI except a few old ones .... and for them I got the message : IV50 is missing

if I try >>>
VideoInspector shows the download button and is unable to find FOURCC CRAM
Gspot says codecs are not installed
bsPLayer plays it
windows media player the system freezes totally ... i must reboot


Well some of your results are really inconsistent.
You state the registry key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/Drivers32
has a string value with name vidc.msvc and value msvidc32.dll, and that msvidc32.dll is in the system32 folder, yet gspot and videoinspector can’t locate it. One or the other has to be false. They can’t both be true.
I don’t know what to suggest at this point except maybe delete msvidc32.dll and copy it from your Windows 2000 CD, and delete the registry string vidc.msvc and re-create it.
Also run gspot and go to view, installed codecs. In the leftmost column scroll to the VFW section and in the format column look for MSVC. Is MSVC there? Is the row highlighted in pink?

For your iv50 error message download and run this and the problem should go away reply


I’m experiencing the exact same problem.

gspot v2.21 is unable to locate the CRAM/msvc Microsoft Video 1 codec but...

vidc.msvc = msvidc32.dll in the registry
c:\>dir c:\windows\system32 | find /I “msvidc32.dll”
08/23/2001 08:00 AM 25,600 msvidc32.dll
shows it there.

can anyone give me an md5 check of that msvidc32.dll?
thats what i got.

anyone know where i can download a fresh copy of it? reply


(To ryan.c)
You can get a fresh copy of Cinepak here
The version that ships with all the versions of Windows since 95 has been The one on this site is reply


BSplayer freeze at start
I had very annoying problem to start playing movies with BSPlayer, it hang / froze my system, it began playing only after very long time or I could wait approximately 20 seconds and than to press ctrl+alt+del a few times. After that I could see the movie with no problem. Other players such as gomplayer had no problem to play the same file (by the way gomplayer is a very good player, which also allows watching corrupted or partially downloaded movies, unfortunately does not fully support Hebrew subtitles the words are in opposite order)
Reinstalling BSplayer and updating it to version 2.20 did not help.

The solution was to uninstall DivX package, ( I have also updated directX, but I think it had no effect)

I hope it helps any body. reply


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