codec 45?

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Just bought a video-enabled camera phone which takes ASF format video, but when I try to play vids on my PC it asks for format tag 45.

Where can I find this?? reply

I have the same problem and I am desperate for a fix. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,

Steve reply


Find a codec that reads MPEG-4. reply


What is a codec? I tried to send video from my new camcorder and only one person was able to view it. I can’t even replay the footage on my own computer. reply



i have the same problem as all of you. i have tried wiht a codec that read MPEG-4 but it does not work. any another idea? thanks a lot reply


I am also getting this error when attempting to play an ASF file from my Samsung digital camera (from the memory stick, not the tape).

I found a way around it.

Install the DivX player found here: (then to the DivX tab). Install the free version

This player will handle the MPEG4 and ASF file formats that Windows Media Player 9 will not.

I’m having my family install the DivX player too.

I wonder why they make it so difficult to play these darn files. reply


To Maria - I just bought a video camera and upgraded windows media player to get my vids shown to no avail until your advice. Thanks! reply


Thanks Maria you are da bomb reply


OK, so using DivX works on MY PC, but when I had my dad install it on his, he STILL can’t see the video. WTF?

I have searched high and low for a codec that will install into Media Player 9 to no avail.

A co-worker told me about a program called “Vegas” that will turn MPEG4 and ASF files into AVIs or regular MPEGs that will play in Media Player.

I work in the technical support field, and this was suggested by a competent individual who works with this type of thing.

Anyway, the website for this software is here:

It is VERY expensive though. Bummer.
Damn these digital camera makers for creating such confusion.

Any additional ideas? reply


Please look at

for the solution. reply


I tried EVERYTHING.........hours, till I found this message board and the suggestion about downloading DIVX. And that was after downloading “stuff” from several other sites without any success and HOURS of futal attempts.
Tks so much for the help. Finally got to enjoy some footage I needed to view and send to a trainer for approval. :) reply


I have the 45 codec that works with Windows Media Player. Send me an Email. reply


Hi i am looking to download a codec 45 to play audio/video on my windows media player can anyone help where i can download this program. reply


thanx maria,i downloaded as per your advice and can now view my video footage.could do with advice on burning to disk though can anyone help? reply


Please send me the codec 45 player.
Thanks... reply


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