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I have a problem with playing movies; look other post i made:

Now when i go to this computer (Right mouse properties)
(The middle on the right, don’t know in english)
Control for audio, video and games
videocodecs (dubble click)
tab properties
Then you have a list of the codecs i should have? when you dubbleclick on them normaly they should say that they work, but some (a lot) say with me that they don’t work. Like you can read in other topic i tried uninstalling about everything and reinstalling about everything. Does it make a diference when i delete them here manually? Or do i best not do that and search another way to solve this problem?

If someone can be of any assistence would be great! Asked a lot of people already, everyone tried to help, but couldn’t. Hope there is someone here that can help!

Thnx anyway!! reply

Your horror story is a good example of why codec packs should be avoided.
When you view codecs in multimedia properties and you double click them and it doesn’t work that’s because the file has been deleted, but the proper registry information wasn’t (if the registry information was deleted, the codec wouldn’t be listed when you view it on multimedia properties)
Can you run gspot one more time on each file you want to play and paste the exact information about the fourcc? I know it says no codec is needed, but sometimes if the registry information is incorrect, gspot may not report correctly. reply


I uninstalled K-Lite codec pack yesterday because i wanted to try something new. Now that you asked me to run them in Gspot, it told me that i didn’t have a codec installed for it. I thought ofcourse, i uninstalled K-lite last night. So i installed it again (like i did a million times before). I thought a little test again and suddenly the movie worked.
I realy don’t understand! I did this uninstall install a million times before. And now i works???

I realy don’t understand, if i knew what i did to make it work i would say so i could help everyone that has the same problem. Only thing i know is uninstall you codec, download a whole night, reboot in the morning, run gspot on a movie, install codec pack and it works :)
Thnx for you wanting to help!! i am glad this problem is solved, finaly, after 5 days and a lot of hours of me and friends! reply


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