BSplayer error - Xvid codec problem

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hi i have the following problems with an .avi file:
(error Message from bsplayer)

BSplayer v1.32.820, Unhandled exception at EIP: 019EDFF3
If you click 'Close' application will be terminated.
Please report this info to the author with description what were you doing.
Access violation at address 019EDFF3 in module ''. Read of address 01A82000
, 0x00573FD3, 0x005741D1, 0x00456087, 0x0044D3D2, 0x77D18709, 0x77D187EB, 0x77D1C00E, 0x77D1E366, 0x004CA745, 0x0044D3D2, 0x77D18709, 0x77D187EB, 0x77D189A5, 0x77D1BCCC, 0x00455D9C, 0x00576918, 0x7C816D4F

Bytes at EIP: 8B 39 81 E7 FF FF FF 00 81 FF 00 00 01 00 74 07 48 41

and this is the message i get when i try to render it with gspot:

Warning: DirectShow crashed while attempting to render this file.

This is usually due to damaged, misconfigured, conflicting, or poorly written codec drivers. It is possible, perhaps even likely, that other media players will crash when they attempt to play this file as well, as most of them will also use DirectShow. GSpot was able to intercept the crash, and has attempted to identify the codec or filter involved; uninstalling or reinstalling this codec or filter may solve the problem.

The codec was tentatively identified as:


please help ... i also tryed other players and bs player 2.0 but nothing helps reply

Go to this link and search for detective and install Sherlock is a good tool to find out if any codec is not working properly.Try VLC I had some problems with BS Player 1.32. Install DirectX again and check for a newer driver for your video card and only after that get to codecs.A codecs collection I have is All in One pack,Xvid,DivX,XP and for audio AC3 filter. Avicodec is doing the same job like GSpot and give you a link if you click on web for the missing codecs. reply


i got it to open with mediaplayer classic / VLC

why it worked i dont know... reply


problems reply


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