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I would like to convert slideshows with audio (or university lectures or presentations) to a compact format for distribution which is compatible with many media players.

If the image only changes every few seconds, then it would save lots of filespace if the framerate was very low (i.e. one frame per second) or even better, if there were one key frame per slide.

This could have many potential uses for distributing very compact lessons as media files to developing countries.

Simply making an normal video file for this type of content is wasteful since the image does not change often.

What would be a good codec to use for this?

Also, is there a fileformat which would allow optimum compression of slides AND video clips with an audio track?

Thanks in advance for suggestions. reply

You have a few options

You could try a powerpoint slide. Just tell the recipients to use powerpoint viewer (free from Microsoft - they don’t need the whole program, just the viewer)
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007
Mac Users can use OpenOffice or google docs (latter requires login I think).

You could try a flash animation. I’m not familiar with flash, but for portability, nothing beats that (virtually all web browsers can handle flash).

If you really want to go with video, try the Windows Media Image codec either version 1 (fourcc = WMVP) or version 2 (fourcc = WVP2) inside a WMV file. I don’t remember if you can encode in them in Windows Media Encoder 9 or Microsoft Expression Encoder 3, but it should definitely be part of Microsoft Photo Story 3 (all of those are freeware).
Microsoft Photo Story 3
Windows Media Encoder 9
Windows Media Encoder 9 x64 edition
Microsoft Expression Encoder 3

Might work with the Mac if you use version 1 (Mac users will need Windows Media Player 9 for the Mac - flip4mac windows media component for quicktime does not support either)
Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X reply


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