Best grayscale codec?

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I need a lossless codec that supports grayscale, with good speed/compression (more bent on speed). reply

I wouldn’t really know what to suggest specifically for grayscale.
But in the lossless department, you can check out some of these
(download the pdf and read - it’s pretty easy to understand)
I think TechSmith’s another lossless one not tested on there.
Lagarith seems to be the winner on speed, followed by Huffyuv (probably the most widely used of them all) and Fastcodec.

You may want to ask the experts at their opinions

P.S: Come to think of it, grayscale could change the whole thing since there’s only one channel to worry about (instead of 3 in RGB or Y’CbCr). reply


You may want to check out Zoe Grayscale Lossless Codec, it directly supports the grayscale Y8 format, so there is no useless conversion to YUV. With our data, it compresses more than HuffYUV. reply


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