AVI file did with Huffyuv codec crashes explore.exe

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Please i am new in video capture and after some research tried to capture a VHS using Virtual Dub and Huffyuv 2.1.1 to posterior edition, but i am having a problem. The problem is : 1) i capture a VHS, for example, using the Virtual Dub with huffyuv, 2.1.1 or 2.2.0 (the problem is the same), compression; the capture goes o.k., but when i try to play this file with bsplayer, windows media player, nero showtime, etc, an error appear with the message that : explorer.exe need to be closed, and after click in o.k. button the explorer.exe restart, not the entire windows, just the explorer.exe. However, if i open this file with the Virtual Dub or, for example, open with the TMPGENC XPRESS 4.0 to convert in MPEG-2, the file is opened without problem. Other odd fact is when i first time used this codec, it did work perfectly; i recorded a VHS and after could play it, but suddenly this problem appeared. Because of this fact, i formated my pc and installed windows again besides the other softwares. In the begining the problem was solved. After each program that i installed, i tried the huffyuv file and it opened, but, again, suddenly the same problem came back and i really don’t know wy. The only cause that i could think was one of the windows updates, but i don’t have any idea wich is it. The problem is so strange that when i go to my computer and go to drive where the file is and select it, there is no need to click twice to open the file, just click one to select it and the problem occurs; the same message and i need to restart the explorer.exe.

Please anybody knows what’s happening and could give a you help to solve this question ?

p.s.: I had already tried to use the option : “always sugest the RGB format to output” in the huffyuv configuration but didn’t work.

p.s.1 : in the boot.ini file i have already tried to put the “noexceute=alwaysOFF' , doesn’t work.

p.s.2 : i tried too the “regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll” command but the situation only becomes a little better. Now, instead of crash the explore.exe only crash the aplication that is opening the file, bsplayer, windows media player, etc

p.s.3 : AVI done with divx or xvid codec’s opens without any problem as any mpeg file. The problem is only in AVI’s did with the huffyuv codec.

p.s. 4: The box message that appears is : AppName: Explorer.exe AppVer : 6.0.2900.3156 ModName: huffyuv.dll ModVer.: Offset: 00005e62

Thanks for any help. reply

Just forgot to mention : i use Windows XP SP2. reply


Accidentally by a tip of a internet research searching one of the errors code, i found some people mentioning the Nero Recode generating similar fault. So, i mistrust Nero 8 and uninstallet it. After this, the things came back to normal and the AVI file did with the huffyuv codec began to play again without problems in all playes ( bsplayer, Windows Midia Player, etc.. ). Thinking about the Nero Recode, i tried to reinstall Nero 8 without this item, but didn’t work. The problem came back. Again a uninstall Nero and the problem went away. So, i would like to ask some help if someone knows what places Nero 8 changes ( Registry, dll’s, etc ) that become impossible to play this kind of file, because i like the Nero 8 suite and would like to continue using it, but without such problem. reply


I have Nero 6 (I know, old version), and I had different problems. The most noticeable one is DivX 3 (fourcc DIV3 and DIV4) AVI’s play upside down in Windows Media Player (I have the DivX 3.11 codec installed). For now my fix has been to play them in VLC or VirtualDub. I’m pretty sure it’s Nero because I didn’t have the problem before installing it. On the bright side, Nero’s DirectShow filter lets you play 3ivx AVI’s in WMP without having to install 3ivx. It can also play AVI files with fourcc H264 or MOV files with fourcc JPEG (Photo JPEG) in WMP!
What irks me though is they don’t tell you what it is exactly that they install, nor do they offer the option to temporarily disable or uninstall it.
It would be a good question to send Nero support. Just tell them their filter crashes Huffyuv, and give your exact hardware and software configuration (Nero version, OS, patches, Huffyuv version, video card drivers version, processor). You could also send them the crashdump. It’s in
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson\
I don’t know how to manually tweak these kind of things, but maybe GraphEdit or GraphStudio could help you. You should also ask the people at doom9.org, as they’re experts on these topics. reply


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