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i have so many AVI files i cant begin to count them, the only problem is: i cant do anything but watch them. Can someone PLEASE help me figure out a way to use a movie editor on these pesky AVI files? Instructions along with any download would also be very nice.
I run on a Windows XP reply

since no one has answered you yet i will give it a try. i am pretty much in the same boat, i am learning to convert all my .avi files to something i can burn and view on my dvd player. so far i have been working with a program called main concept mpeg encoder, which has been mostly working. but i just got nero 7 which i think is the way i shouldve been going from the beginning. it is easier and really straight forward in its applications, very user friendly, more the kind of tools us not quite techies can handle....it will convert AVI files, plus other formats, and it will burn vcds and cdr and dvd. i would post the link here but i am thinking that is questionable. but if you email me i will send you a link to a torrent(if you have a torrent client for downloads) or even try to ftp it or something.
email: bluesjewels@peacemail.com

blue reply



Are they AVI and Dvix files?==??

Then buy a Dvix DVD Player.. cost.. $ like $50

Then burn your moives into CD or DVD disk..

for 1 DVD disk you can put like 4 or 5 Divx moives.. !!!

holp this help....

enjoy.. :) reply


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