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Video in Windows Movie Maker is all black when I import it. reply

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I can’t open my file in Quick Time Pro. reply

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Bongos I love you !
Thanks a lot for the tip... reply


ANSWER brought to you by DoruKanji.

1. Go to
and download the K-Lite Codec Pack FULL.

2. Run and Install the K-Lite Codec Pack. Make sure you do not un-check anything.

3. Open up Windows Movie Maker, go to Tools > Options... > Compatibility.

4. Check “ffdshow Video Decoder."

5. Press OK.

6. Now you can import video .avi files! reply

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It works ^^
thanks sooo much for the help ^^ reply



I was having trouble importing .avi files in Windows Movie Maker (Vista).

I downloaded and installed “Vista Codec Package 4.7.3 Final”:


Try this, it worked for me. I hope it helps you too. reply



Bongos wrote:
**sorry...i ment to say

NO more “adquiring codecs” warnings :-)



Thanks Bongos... been stuck with this problem for a while but your solution worked out for me... quite simple btw! =)
Now i can edit avi movies without even having to d/l a specific codec.. reply


I don’t get it. Where’s the Render button? reply


thnx! that totally helped me out! reply


For those of you that are having problems playing the video at all OR play the video but only the audio shows, then this is what you do!!!!

Step 1 go to this website

Step 2 Click on the link that says
“Download K-lite Codec Pack”

Step 3
Download the standard virsion

after you it finishes downloading it might ask you to delete a current codec in order for this one to work once you delete the current codec that you have it will then finish downloading after it is completely done it will say click finish

Then go to your videos and enjoy!!!!!!! YEEE :) reply


thing that said DoruKanji didn´t work for me, but i am trying to download a codec from http://www.majorgeeks.com/Vista_Codec_Package_d5326.html , so i hope it will work but it is a bit large and i live a bit away from those server so it is so slow!! :) reply


Ur a lifesaver! I’m making a DVD for Xmas and you really saved the day! I thought I was going to have to buy new software or something! Thanks!!!!!!! reply


This worked for me using windows movie maker when nothing else would.

http://www.free-codecs.com/Stinky_MPEG_2_Codec_download.htm reply


but i dont see any boxes to check off there though reply


Do you know any sites that are trusted to download avi codec for windows movie maker? reply


i am having the same problem and it says my codec i need is flv/flv1 thingy? reply


Unbelievable -- no one can spell and not a single person can express themselves clearly. People PLEASE -- learn how to construct simple sentences. You sound like driveling idiots.

You may not be able to import the file if the codec that was used to encode the audio or video is not a codec that is included with Windows XP. In that case, you may be able to re-encode the video or audio by using Windows Media Encoder, and then import the video or audio.

To download the Windows Media Encoder for free, visit the following Microsoft Web site:


ez reply


fiuuuu!! what a day!

After doing what I wrote in my last reply, I then opened Windows Movie Maker clicked on TOOLS > OPTIONS>COMPATIBILITY> CHECK ALL BOXES INCLUDING FDDSHOW VIDEO DECODER.

Now both my Windows media player & movie maker work. Now more “adquiring codecs” warnings :-)

Hope I helped,


I just did that and Movie Maker worked right away.

Thank you very much!
Kirk reply


I installed the K-Lite codec pack and it fixed everything for a while I could play Avi in Windows Media player and everything was smooth then for some reason it kept displaying the bit rate info and all that over whatever videos I was playing so I uninstalled it.

I looked under options in Windows Movie Maker and all the codecs are related to K-Lite codec pack. Regular files still playable, but Avi has no sound and for some files remain unimportable unlike how I did have it. =( Any sugeestions. A good codec pack anyone?

Please reply chaosthenightwolf@yahoo.com reply


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