Subtitles in VLC file don't show when I watch it on TV

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Hope someone can help - I’m pretty new to this!

I’ve downloaded 'In Darkness', which has subtitles as it’s a Polish film...

If I watch it on my pc, the subtitles show up, but if I copy it onto my memory stick, then plug that into my tv (Philips), the subtitles don’t appear...

Just wondering if anyone knows how to solve it - I’m thinking it’s an issue with the TV but I domn’t know how to solve it!

Jayne reply

is a Remix Cool video, but I think the benefits of remexis hugely outweighs the legislative mess that would be created if we stiffen the laws on this issue. Remixes well remix. They build on things, they make things better, which is what people naturally do in life. People are pretty creative but we get almost all our intuition from conscious or unconscious thought that is guided by our past exposure to various experience. Peace reply


Duh...? reply


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