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im trying to convert my - MODERATED: no mention of illegal material! - which have the option of being viewed in english or japanese with subtitles. everytime i try to convert the .mkv file into anything else it comes up as japanese audio but no subtitles. is there anyway i can get the subtitles to be converted with the video? or is there any way i can get the english audio when i convert the video? reply

Download mkvtoolnix

Drag the video file into the add/input box and select the audio stream you want.

mux the video and audio.

Now convert that to the container or format of your choice. reply


Forgot to mention:

You might want to go for MKV ExtractGUI too!

Just unzip the files and copy just the files into the same folder as MKVToolnix.

The GUI will help instead of having to use a command line. reply


That way, you strip the video, audio files, and subtitles, from the current container, and get it ready for the new container.

Remember to select what you want to keep. reply


thank you sooooo much for the help.
but once ive done what uve said, i end up with
4 different files.
2 .acc files one in english audio and one in japanese audio
1 .ass file i think the subtitle
and 1 .H264 file ???

i dont seem to have a video file?
and how do i get the japanese audio file with the subtitle file?

Im not too much of a pro you see... reply


Thanks hitman.
what i really wanted to do was have the japanese
audio with the subtitles when i split the video
but ive managed to get the english audio so
i guess thats alright...
But if you could still help me i would like that alot
thanks for the help bro ;) reply


To sum this up...

The files that you now have are without a container.

The 2 .ac3 files are your audio files
The .ass file are your subtitles
The h264 is your video

Just mux them into a container.
I figured you had a muxer.

Also h264 is high quality...
Ac3 is audio copied directly from the source

So, what other problems are there? reply


Do you want an .avi container? reply


If so

I haven’t used it myself, but it may work.

Or remux it into the .mkv

Just toss the wanted files into the input of MKVMergeGUI and hit mux.

Specify the output location first. reply


i did everything exactly as you said.

i added the japanese audio(1 of the .AAC files)
with the english subtitles(the .ASS file)
with the video(.H264 file)

i did this using the mkvmerge GUI

but i only get japanese audio with my video and no subtitles :( reply


add me on msn if u can that’ll make things much easier...

m_mahmood@hotmail.co.uk reply


Try this:

Take the .ass file and throw it into DSRT

Alt+Shift+I - Convert ASS to SRT
Ctrl+F7 - remove overlaps and other errors
Alt+F11 - remove errors and... just try it. cool.gif
Ctrl+S - save. Ctrl+Shift+S save as ASCII.
F4 shift.
Alt+V edit with video.
See. “Script” menu & readme for other options.


Try subtitle workshop:

OR Vobsub’s subtitle resync:

The problem with .ass files is that they’re an image form of subtitles.

If possible, try installing vobsub if you haven’t already.

I prefer to convert them though, as it’s better in .srt format.

Are there .ttf files with the output? reply


ok thanks im gona try that now reply


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