how do you get vlc to display subtitles?

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Is the subtitle embedded with the video? If so, VLC would play video as well as subtitles whatever; if the subtitles are soft ones, make sure VLC can find the subtitles. reply


I’m using a Mac. For me the problem was that the subtitle file I had downloaded had the extension .rar which VLC wasn’t recognizing. After reading a bit more about .rar files, I realized my file needed to be uncompressed, sorta like a zip file.

So I downloaded a free piece of software called RAR EXPANDER.

Once I expanded the .rar file, I got a .sub file. And once I had the .sub file, the simple solutions on this thread worked. reply


I dragged the file but another language is playing
I tried vlc and other programs and still same problem reply


If you want to enable the subtitles, simply follow these steps. Step 1: Open your VLC player and click on the media file you wish to play. Then, look for the Video menu. reply


easiest, simple yet beneficial reply reply


When I play the cd in laptop, the subtitle is is coming only half and that one also in the right side. So how to make in in the center so that we can read all the lines?
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Just follow the steps in this video: reply


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