how do I play avi and srt files together?

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Mac fellows, I got subtitles to work using Mplayer. Although the program has gone to crap in Tiger, I just dragged both files into the playlist at the same time. Shows up as one file (the movie) and plays fine. Make sure all your subtitle options are right in the preferences... and, I think that’s all I can say. reply

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Go download BSPlayer, a much easier and workable media player than mplayer. Make sure he avi and srt files have the same name, but obviously different file extensions. It should work. reply


hey just dl bsplayer and play your srt file =) reply


Ok.... I want to know what im supposed to be doing with that vobsub thing.. I extract it, and I have those 2 folders, with both the same file in them, but how do I get it to work with my player? reply



Finally i found the trick, both .avi and .srt must have the same name.

All steps:

1- download Directvobsub from here:

2- follow the installation steps given in the link above.

3- put the .avi and .srt files together with both having the same names (except for the extension of course).

4- Play the .avi using RealOne. (thats what i did, other players may work).

And thank you all for the help :) reply


try to find MV2Player reply


Hey, thanks rubytu! You made my day! I lucked out and found your post on my first try googling to find out how to play .srt on a Mac. :)
You rock. :) reply



Ok i accidentally deleted my SRT file cause i’m a dumbass. Can someone PLEASE, PLEASE, Email me the Japanese to english Sub srt file for Advent Children. reply


will these programs work on xp? plz say yes reply


flavin it would help if you left an email address reply


I have been following this forum quite closely, but I still cannot get it to work on a MAC.

I am using VLC player. After deselecting the “auto sub load”, I then proceed to load the SRT first. Of course, I get a blank screen. From this blank screen I open the real movie to no avail.

Then I do the reverse. I open the movie with VLC. Of course there is no subtitles. While the movie is then playing, I browse for the subtitle, select it from the library, but then the whole thing blacks out. I have checked the file location for the subtitle, and everything seems okay, but it still does not work.

Can anyone list the correct directions for the VLC method? What order to you select the movie and subtitle.

Also, someone mentioned something about having the “right settings” for the subs. What exactly are you referring to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. yes, I have the subs and movie name named the same way, sans extension.

thanks. reply


hey zhieeep, rubytu had it nailed on the first page, uncheck the auto-detect subtitles in preferences then go file: open file and you get a sexy Open Source settings box, browse and choose the .avi file then check the box that says “load subtitles file” then click the settings box that becomes available, browse and select the .srt file that goes with the movie then push “ok” a lot and it should start like a magical dream of movie watching! reply


I have followed the instructions very closely, and everytime I will get this message:

subtitle: failed to recognize subtitle type
main: no suitable demux module for `/subtitle:///Users/zHi/Desktop/[2004] Nobody Knows/tlf-nk.cd1.sub'

I go to open file, click the file, load subtitle, select it, then right at the movie boot screen that message pops up and the movie will play w/o any subtitle.

Further help would me very much appreciated. reply


The same message came up in my VLC player when I attempted to display subtitles, and i also tried the recommendations. Anyone have any further suggestions? reply


Hi Guys.....Following the instructions on these two pages, I have successfully managed to properly display .srt files with my AVI movies, using both MPlayer and VLC on a Mac G4 500 Mhz Dual Processor. For those of you who are still having problems, following are some very explicit, step-by-step instructions. You can’t possibly go wrong...well, maybe! :)

How To Use .srt (subtitle) Files Under Mac OSX

Option #1 - Using MPlayer:

1. Launch MPlayer

2. Choose “Preferences” under the “MPlayer” menu.

3. When the “Preferences” window opens, go down to the
“Subtitles Settings” section and set the “Font” and “Size”
according to your taste. “TeX Sans” and “Normal” appear to
be the default settings.

4. Ensure that “Default Encoding” is set to “MacRoman”.

5. Click on the “OK” button located in the bottom right
corner of the “Preferences” window to save your settings.

6. Using the Finder, navigate to the folder which contains
the .avi file that you wish to view.

7. Select BOTH the .avi file, as well as the accompanying
.srt file, and drag them simultaneously to MPlayer’s
playlist window.

NOTE 1: The .avi file and the .srt file should have the same
exact name. Only the extension should be different.

NOTE 2: While you will drag both the .avi file and the .srt
file to MPlayer’s playlist window, ONLY the .avi file will
actually appear in the playlist.

8. Click on the “Play” button located right above the

9. Enjoy your movie!

Option #2 - Using VLC:

1. Launch VLC

2. Choose “Preferences” under the “File” menu.

3. When the “Preferences” window opens, click on the
triangle next to the “Video” option located on the left side
of the window.

4. When the “Video” list expands, click on the third option
called “Subtitles/OSD”.

5. In the right half of the same “Preferences” window,
uncheck the “Autodetect subtitle files” box.

6. Click the “Save” button in the lower right corner.

7. Under the “File” menu, choose “Open File”.

8. In the “Open Source” window that appears, click on the
“Browse” button and navigate to the .avi file that you wish
to view.

9. After navigating to and selecting the .avi file, click on
the “Open” button in the lower right corner of the window,
and you will be taken back to the “Open Source” window.

10. In the “Open Source” window, checkmark the “Load
subtitles file” box.

11. Upon doing this, the “Settings” button on the right side
of the same window will be enabled.

12. Click on the now-enabled “Settings” button, and you will
be taken to a new “Open Source” window.

13. In this new “Open Source” window, click on the “Browse”
button which is located to the right of the “Subtitle File”

14. In the “Open File” window which appears, navigate to and
select the .srt file which corresponds to the .avi you wish
to view.

NOTE: The .avi and .srt files should have the same exact
name. Only the extension of each file should be different.

15. After selecting the .srt file, click on the now-enabled
“Open” button located in the lower right corner of the

16. Back at the “Open Source” window, click on the “OK”
button located in the lower right corner.

17. In the second “Open Source” window, (which was under the
first “Open Source” window), also click on the “OK” button
located in the lower right corner.

18. Your movie will now start playing with the corresponding

The previous instructions may seem a bit difficult and
complicated at first, but after you have done it once or
twice, it is really easy, and only takes a minute or two to
accomplish. reply


I have a srt and an avi file in the same directory with same name, add both with Vobsub and have an avi with subs.. If I now burn it on dvd with nero do I have still my subs on the dvd?
Please Email me @ if u know if I have still the subs on dvd. reply


Movie Time is a very simple but great full screen divx/avi player for Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later. Also reads srt.

Put avi and srt files in 1 folder with same name. Will work for sure. If not, check under preferences if “display subtitles” is checked. reply


Ugh me too VLC won’t play the SRT file or the subtitles and its all japanese. I tried the codex thingy and the other link and i d/led them but it still doesnt work! reply


You have the wrong subtitle.Google the name of your movie and look for english or whatever language you want subtitle and put the file in the same folder with the movie.Next time when you play it is loading subtitle by itself.Try also BSplayer click right on screen and pick load subtitle. reply


main debug: using demux2 module “avi”
main debug: forced subtitle: /mnt/media/Smallville [5x07] Splinter.txt
main debug: `/mnt/media/Smallville [5x07] Splinter.txt' gives access `' demux `' path `/mnt/media/Smallville [5x07] Splinter.txt'
main debug: creating access '' path='/mnt/media/Smallville [5x07] Splinter.txt'
main debug: looking for access2 module: 5 candidates
vcd debug: trying .cue file: /mnt/media/Smallville [5x07] Splinter.cue
access_file debug: opening file `/mnt/media/Smallville [5x07] Splinter.txt'
main debug: using access2 module “access_file”
main debug: pre buffering
main debug: received first data for our buffer
main debug: creating demux: access='' demux='subtitle' path='/mnt/media/Smallville [5x07] Splinter.txt'
main debug: looking for demux2 module: 2 candidates
vobsub debug: this doesn’t seem to be a vobsub file
subtitle debug: autodetecting subtitle format
subtitle error: failed to recognize subtitle type
main warning: no demux2 module matching “subtitle” could be loaded
main error: no suitable demux module for `/subtitle:///mnt/media/Smallville [5x07] Splinter.txt'

This is from “messages” on VLC 0.8.4 .

I tried many solutions, many other movies and subtitles and always the same :(
What to do ? :/ reply


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