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Good morning,
I am trying to understand what is the right, productive way of creating subtitle files (in my case with the translation of a music videoclip).
I would start from a plain text with single lines corresponding to each subtitle.
I would expect to have a program that allows me to load the file, preview the movie, select a subtitle, click when I want it to begin and go to the next, wait the right moment, click when it has to begin, and so on.
I have tried using SubtitleWorkshop, but I could not get it to work this way: initial file upload is fine, but it sets default playing times of 1 second; during preview the subtitle I select loses focus and the lines scroll as the movie plays, according to the timestamps inserted during import. If I set by hand the right start time of a given subtitle, I would expect the following subtitles to shift forward in order to remain after it in time, but this does not happen: after a few operations the whole thing gets messed up with subtitles starting and stopping all over the place.
I am not [yet] willing to sit & watch the whole clip, note down all the start times and write them by hand inside each line; if this is the solution, then I can do it on my own with notepad.
I guess I am missing the point, in order to use SW productively.
What is the “right” way to do such subtitling in a productive way with SW?
Otherwise: is there a product that implements the workflow I described?
I thank in advance,
Marco Faustinelli - Italy reply

I know nothing about SW, but you can try this (it’s freeware) reply


I have checked the software you are suggesting and it seems spot on! I will surely try it.
Thank you very much
Marco reply


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